“She Broke the Laws of Physics”: Egg Hawker Trends over How She Arranged Eggs Like Storey Building

  • An egg seller has become a viral sensation after she was spotted going about her business on the road
  • This is owing to the unusual and creative way she stacked the eggs on top of each other like a storey building
  • Many internet users wondered how she pulled it off, while others made funny remarks about her egg arrangement

An egg hawker has impressed internet users with her skilful egg arrangement.

In a trending TikTok video, the egg hawker caught people’s attention on the street as she strolled by with the eggs in a tray placed on her head.

Reactions trail video of egg hawker with her unusual arrangement of eggsShe skillfully arranged the eggs like a storey building.
Photo Credit: @tomucheegSource: TikTok

The eggs were carefully stacked on each other like a 17-storey building and didn’t fall off or change positions while she walked.

The egg seller‘s creative egg arrangement got many people wondering how she did it. At the time of this report, her TikTok video has garnered over two million views.

TheTalk.NG gathered that the lady is Ghanaian.

In another rare display, a man defied gravity and walked on eggs.

Watch the video below:

Egg vendor’s skill causes stir

Ayam Nkansah said:

“She broke the laws of physics.”

Ogyaba Enock said:

“Yesterday i saw her n i ask her how she tell me that she use super glue.”

Mikidad said:

“We use candle for this… you just light the candle and spread the melting liquid on each egg then place the eggs ontop of each other, within mins The candle liquid will dry and stick the eggs.”

Marvelous bright said:

“Please come and arranged my relationship.”

Erikko said:

“When you were born to be a building contractor but you decided to sell eggs.”

Mandy blues said:

“So if I say I want the middle one how I’m I supposed to get it.”


“The arrangement of the egg is stronger than my relationship.”

amosnash2 said:

“Small egg business u dey use juju.”

Egg vendor arranges her eggs in style

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that an egg vendor had arranged her wares in a creative way.

When she appeared in the streets with the tray of eggs on her head, many people who saw her came closer to take a look. In a video posted on TikTok by @davidoafri, the lady had the eggs arranged in steps like bricks.

The way she arranged the eggs in eight layers made the tray look like a high-rise building created by professional bricklayers. She did not only arrange the eggs in the tray; she also used green and red peppers to hold the eggs together.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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