Lady celebrates buying a beautiful house with her own money at the age of 26

  • A lady has successfully bought a house for herself, and she shared a video online to celebrate the huge achievement
  • The lady revealed in the video that she purchased the push building at the tender age of 26
  • She equally said she bought the house ‘solo’, meaning she paid for it with her own money

A lady is now a house owner, and she has come on social media to celebrate the feat.

She posted a video on TikTok to inform her followers that she has successfully acquired a house.

Lady buys her own house.The lady bought a house at the age of 26. Photo credit: TikTok/@cyndi_24.Source: TikTok

More amazing was that she bought the house at a very young age, and paid for it with her own money.

The lady, Cyndi, revealed that she was only 26 years old, making her a very young real estate owner.

She captioned the video:

“You just bought your dream house solo at 26. Only by the Grace of God.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady buys her own house

@stargirl101 said:

“Amazing. Is this home in London?”

@Yemu said:

“And you got an island!!! You won! Congratulations.”

@TIEYA-MAI commented:

“Congratulations!! Please explain how.”

@NIKKIE commented:

“Don’t be shy. Tell us what jobs we should do also.”


“Congratulations, that’s such a big accomplishment!!”

@Selina said:

“I’m smiling like I know you because what a damm achievement!!!! Massive Congratulations!!!!”

@nnequinn commented:

“I will buy my first house at the age of 26. Amen.”

@Emmanuel King said:

“I am so glad for you Sis. Overflow is your portion.”

Man shows off portable house on TikTok

In a related story, TheTalk.NG reported that a Nigerian man had shown people a video of a portable house which could be taken to anywhere the owner wants.

The house, which is beautifully painted, has a tiled floor, bathroom and toilet and could be lifted and planted on the owner’s land.

TikTok user, Oladele, who posted the video, said all one needs to own the house is a parcel of land where it could be planted.

While some people said they desired the house, others said thieves could steal the entire building.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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