“He Is a Riverine Boy”: Nigerian Mum Explains Why Son Barely Wears Clothes, Video Goes Viral Online

  • A Nigerian mother has revealed in a TikTok video shared via her account why her baby hardly wears clothes
  • The mum stated that her son is a ‘riverine baby’ and clothes usually itch his body whenever he wears them
  • Netizens who watched the video took to the comments section of the video to share their opinions

Reactions have been trailing a viral video of a Nigerian mother who called her son a ‘riverine boy’.

A viral video showed the young woman carrying her little son whose cuteness mesmerised several media users.

Mum reveals her son is a riverine babyMum explains why son barely wears clothes
Photo credit: @cindys_tiktok/ TikTok.Source: TikTok

Mum shares reason son hardly wears clothes

The young woman identified as @cindys_tikok seized the opportunity to answer a popular question that she was usually asked about her baby.

According to her, people were always eager to know why her little son was often seen without clothes.

While answering the question, the mother disclosed to her followers that her baby from the Ijaw tribe was a ‘riverine boy’.

She claimed that riverine people do not like wearing clothes due to the discomfort it gives them, adding that clothes itch their body.

In her words:

“He’s a riverine boy they barely wear clothe e Dey itch them for body.”

Reactions as mum shows off ‘riverine’ son

Netizens on TikTok took to the comments section of the viral video to gush over the boy’s cuteness.

Others agreed with what the mother said about riverine people and their uneasiness after wearing clothes.

@24hr said:

“Una don start, watin kon be riverian boy again.”


“Ijaw people wear cloth keh?”

@BiG NAY | Beauty creator said:

“Lol yes o Ijaw.”

@Cherish Anai Wilson said:

“So funny cause all my brothers no dey gree wear clothe ooo. Na really riverine boy.”

@Capo Dei Capi wrote:

“No wonder i no dey wear clothes. Na small remain i go nakeed.”

@comrade of vawulence ofixial said:

“The caption no really concern me na the beauty wey dey your hand I just dey look omo marry fine woman ohh see as pikin fine.”

Olicris said:

“See fine pikin na. Na why I wan marry fine woman oh.”

STAN said:

“Wetin u write no concern me I just concentrate on this handsome face. Omo I must marry a fine girl.”

Rita Jonas said:

“See pikin wey l dey plan born u Rush go born am.”

Oluchi commented:

“Cute baby.”

Ojukwu ijeoma favour said:

“Cute baby make I do born girl.”

@user2979151373826 said:

“This your baby too fine Abeg.”

Watch the video below:

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