Zambia’s Foreign Policy being dictated by the thinking of Anglo’s Brenthurst Foundation and Gregg Mills- Fred M’membe

Fred M’membe

By Fred M’membe

Too many important things in our country today are being dictated by the thinking of Anglo’s Brenthurst Foundation and Gregg Mills. They are shaping our foreign policy. The Brenthurst Foundation is not purely a business or economic foundation, it is a political organisation advancing rightwing capitalist agenda. And this comes out very clearly on the Ukraine conflict. The writings of Mills and the activities of Brenthurst Foundation are very revealing and are there on the internet for all to see.

It’s a great embarrassment to have our foreign policy influenced and shaped by Mills and the Brenthurst Foundation. Surely, we should be ruled by Anglo and the Oppenheimers in the 21st century! They did that in the 19th and 20th centuries, but they shouldn’t be allowed to continue it in the 21st century. Mr Hakainde Hichilema, his party and government must understand that to understand the international situation, they need to have a correct view of history, of the overall picture, and of where our country is today. Having a correct view of history means that they should not only observe the international situation as it stands currently, but also look back to the past to summarise history’s laws and, in looking forward to the future, identify the trends of history.

Having a correct view of the overall picture means they should not only pay attention to phenomena and the finer details, but also have an understanding of the essential nature and overarching situation. They need to identify the principal contradictions, so that, amid a complex and volatile international situation, they don’t lose their way or become bogged down in the details at the expense of the essentials. In terms of having a correct outlook on Zambia’s position, they should not only conduct a cool-headed analysis of international issues but also examine Zambia’s position in relation to these issues, in order to identify Zambia’s status and role in the evolving international landscape and formulate sound foreign policy.

History has shown that the world has always developed as a result of contradictions intertwining and interacting with each other. They need to analyse in depth the laws that govern the international environment when the world is in a period of transition, correctly understand the basic features of the global environment at this historical juncture, and fully plan and carry out diplomatic work accordingly.

We really can’t continue to governed by the Oppenheimers in the 21st century. We can’t be their puppets forever. Things must change.

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