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“You’re not observant”: VeryDarkMan tackles Iyabo Ojo over viral video



"You're not observant": VeryDarkMan tackles Iyabo Ojo over viral video
  • A controversial activist has called out popular Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo, over the case of the late singer Mohbad
  • In a video, VeryDarkMan accused Ojo and her team of ignorance and shared footage to support his claims
  • Netizens, however, suggested that VeryDarkMan should direct his concerns to the police rather than targeting Ojo

Controversial activist, VeryDarkMan, has taken a swipe at actress Iyabo Ojo, accusing her and her team of being ignorant and unaware of crucial details in the case surrounding the late singer Mohbad.

In a video shared on social media, VeryDarkMan claimed that their ignorance could jeopardize the pursuit of justice.

VeryDarkMan calls out actress Iyabo OjoVeryDarkMan calls out actress Iyabo Ojo
Photo credit: @thatverydarkman/Instagram.Source: Instagram

He played two videos, one showing the individuals who announced Mohbad’s death, with a person on dreads present, and another video where Ojo signed a statement, seemingly unaware of the person on dreads’ presence.

VeryDarkMan sends message to Iyabo Ojo over case of Mohbad

He emphasized the need for Ojo and her team to be more attentive and open-minded to make progress in the case.

He said;

“Iyabo Ojo, I’ve been seeing your work so far but I will put it to you that you people are very ignorant of a lot of things, I mean no disrespect.

“Now let me play you a video so you will know how ignorance is going to make a lot of us lose this case. Now watch this video, those are the people who announced Mohbad’s death and that is Mohbad lying in front of them. Did notice the guy on dreads.

“Now watch this second video, Iyabo Ojo was signing something but that same guy on dreads was there but Iyabo Ojo may not notice because they are being ignorant and they are willing to open their minds to get all the people together so we can have a lead on this case.

“I said bring in these boys so we can have justice. Now nobody Dey talk see the boy just Dey waka about.”

Netizens’ reactions and suggestions

In the comments section of the social media post, netizens shared their thoughts on VeryDarkMan’s video and his decision to address Iyabo Ojo directly.

@mamusietevu reacted:

“You should pass your message to the IG and cp Lagos lyaboojo the one doing the investigation? is there something l’m really not getting about this case?”

@_obaseoyi reacted:

“I love aunty iyabo’s response.”

@demo_skiibo reacted:

“This one Dey online Dey do investigation lol some people Dey there in real life.”

@_deronkeh said:

“Very humble person, abiamo tooto. very dark man today is Abuja peaceful walk, kindly use the same energy you use online for the walk too?”

@aminatbabalola75 reacted:

“Gistlover said all of them have been interrogated just that police are not publicizing it. Take a chill pill guy, and stop shouting/ insulting people when passing your message.”

Watch the video below:

Girl who predicted Mohbad’s death weeps

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian lady has painfully mourned the demise of late singer, Mohbad, days after he lost his life. She recounted a dream she had about the late singer months before his sudden death.

She earlier revealed that she had a terrible dream where the singer was dead and she had been praying for him not to die young. The heartbroken lady also shared a screenshot of a post she made back in November last year to warn the singer about the dream.

She said: “Do you know the worst part of it? I had a dream about this guy last year. I had a dream about him that he died and I commented on his post but he didn’t reply. I prayed for him not to die young now see what is happening to him. Jesus, not now! not even Mohbad in all this at all.”


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