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“You’re lucky”: Father enters kitchen, sweats as he cooks for family, daughter praises him



"You're lucky": Father enters kitchen, sweats as he cooks for family, daughter praises him
  • A video of a caring father making soup and cooking delicious meals for his family gathered massive reactions
  • The man stirred many pots of soups while sweating in a viral photo his daughter shared on TikTok
  • Many netizens said that it is lovely to have such a lovely father as some shared similar experiences

A young Nigerian lady has gone online to praise her father for always caring for their family with his culinary skills.

The kind man sweated as he went from one pot to another, turning different soups on a cooker.

Cooking time with family/Father cooked soups.The man poured okro into a boling pot.
Photo source: @fabbynwaSource: TikTok

The man’s daughter described him as a daddy-chef. The way the man was comfortable in the kitchen showed he must have been doing it for a long time.

Many people who saw the lady’s video have been praising her dad for a good job done.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Va-dams said:

“My dad is not a good cook but he must cook and force us to eat.”

LOREN said:

“This is beautiful and to us who’s father thinks him cooking is a taboo may we find the best husband that enjoys cooking.”

Monicas Stories said:

“When fathers cook, the amount of meat and orishirishi they use ehn.”

Bigstrikker said:

“Na him favorite foods he dey cook so.… that’s how my dad was before he died, he’d actually just gone to the market to get ingredients for his….”

Eagle said:

“As long as u wash,dice and arrange everything down I can cook for hours nonstop. 2 tins that helps me clear my head 1) taking a long driv 2) cooking.”

Life with Michelle & Mishael said:

“Lucky to have a husband like this couldnt get this with my dad but got to enjoy this with my husband.”

Seember Atser said:

“Lemme show my baby his senior colleague.”

wanga karrey said:

“You are lucky to have him as your dad.”

Another father washed dirty plates

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young lady shared a video of her dad helping with house chores at home. The man could be seen doing dishes.

At some point in the clip, he was slicing plantain and getting it ready to be fried. Those were not all, the man washed the patio of their building.


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