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“Your scores are going to hell”: Lecturer blows hot after hearing student’s vn



"Your scores are going to hell": Lecturer blows hot after hearing student's vn
  • A series of voice notes exchanged between a lady and her lecturer in a departmental WhatsApp group chat has leaked online
  • The furious female student was heard telling her lecturer to go to hell, a comment which prompted the lecturer to respond
  • Social media users reacted to the exchange with many wondering why the lecturer was added to the group

A female student landed in trouble after sending a voice note in the WhatsApp group chat for her department.

In the voice note, she expressed her dissatisfaction with a task given by a lecturer and questioned its necessity.

Lecturer slams female student in leaked voice noteLecturer slams female student in leaked voice note
Photo credit: @yabaleftonline/Instagram.Source: TikTok

Her voice note included statements like, “What’s all this? Are we kids?” as she conveyed her frustration.

The angry lady had no idea that her lecturer was part of the group. She thought it was for students only.

In her words;

“What’s all these na; if you want to go to hell go to hell. You said we should go to the front and back, we’ve done it. Are we kids? What’s all these?”

Lecturer replies student who tackled him on group chat

In response to the girl’s outburst, the lecturer sent a voice note acknowledging what she said.

He also mentioned the young lady’s late arrival and disruptive behaviour during previous class sessions.

He said;

“Well done, I heard everything you said. You said I should go to hell, right? That’s the same way your mark will go to hell. You didn’t come earlier, even when you did, you talked all through. Well done!”

Reactions as lecturer and student fight on group chat

Netizens have shared their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

Many believed that the young lady had fallen into a trap set by the lecturer, as his response seemed to further escalate the situation.

@sandy_coco__ reacted:

“Extra year laughing in one corner.”

@tekunbi t said:

“Sigh. Who trains these new kids? And you’d later want a niga to take you for who you are with this very sharp mouth? You still post ahm.”

@zeeking996 commented:

“I swear if she no use extra year make I bend.”

@adesolaa._ reacted:

“I think she dropped the voice note on her class group talking to her course mate cos they were supposed to be gathered somewhere. Now, someone played it in the presence of the lecturer who was at the venue. Hence the feedback from the lecturer You go explain tire lies.”

See the post below:

Student in tears after seeing lecturer’s remark on project work

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a TikTok user identified as @mahrha_silva has cried out after seeing numerous red pen markings made by his supervisor on his final year project. The student of the University of Calabar expressed his frustration, questioning the supervisor’s excessive corrections.

Speaking further, he noted that the supervisor must have studied creative art in school due to the intricate designs made with the red pen. Mahrha_silva further shared his confusion over the supervisor’s comment of “LOL” after submitting chapters 1, 2, and 3 of his project.

He said; “I thought supervisor na to just correct few things, Wetin be all this one. E be like my supervisor study creative art for school, she just carry red pen Dey design my work. “She even asked me how did I get to finally, which one be how did I get to finally, them Dey jump class for university.”


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