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Young man returns home after he couldn’t make it abroad, video melts hearts



Young man returns home after he couldn't make it abroad, video melts hearts
  • A young Nigerian man residing abroad has surprised many people after he decided to return home
  • He shared a video showing how he moved his luggage at the airport as he headed for his father’s house
  • His bold move earned him the admiration of many Nigerians as people sent him words of encouragement

A young Nigerian man has made a return to the country after he could not succeed overseas.

The returning youth took to social media platform TikTok to announce his bold decision with a video proof.

Young man, casket, abroadHe said it is better than being brought back in a casket.
Photo Credit: @ashuayanickSource: TikTok

In the clip, the young man, @ashuayanick, could be seen pushing his belongings at an airport with a luggage cart.

Wording on his video shed more light on why he decided to return to Nigeria. He wrote:

“Going back to dad’s house alive after a failed hustle is better than being back in a casket.”

While acknowledging words of encouragement from netizens in the comment section, the youth failed to shed light on his ‘failed hustle.’.

Watch the video below:

People send him words of encoruagement

WEALTH said:

“The most important is that ur back to ur papa land bro, many no see way to even go back.”

FineSpy GymRat said:

“I am still trying to trying to fight the fear of what people will say, I don’t have this courage yet… it’s well bro u don try.”

user5813603903279 said:

“I wish my brother taught dis way….he died in the hustle…we didn’t see his corpse. cox he was buried in the jungle. Rip brother.”

darkflames said:

“My brother I de shame to go back now where I never still make am.”

Arch #Pencil# said:

”Don’t ever use that word failed, you are a winner bro. many went and never came back alive.”

DON AGY said:

“Welcome my son is better than, God why!”

Mc happy prince said:

“Me am going back alive this December no two ways about it weda money dey e no dey I can’t continue paying for rent without income.”

Man returns empty-handed after 47 years abroad

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a man had returned home empty-handed after 47 years abroad.

The story of the man named Peter Shitanda was shared on YouTube by Afrimax English, and it got many people talking.

One of his sons, who was 4 years old when he left them, could not recognise him when he returned in his old age. The old man returned with just a few bags and nothing much to show for his many years away from home.


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