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“Youg no go fail”: Nigerian man builds small house for village woman, paints it, buys her bed



  • A young man who built a house for a widow in his village has shared a video that captured the celebration of the structure
  • The young man made a tiny home for and bought her a bed to that she can forget about paying rents
  • Village women who saw what the man had done danced to show their happiness for the building gift

A young Nigerian man used his resources to bless the life of a poor widow in his village. He made her smile by building her a house.

The young man posed with the woman before showing off the building process of the house. The house was at the roofing stage at the beginning of the video.

Seconds into the clip, roofing sheets were added to the carpentry works that were earlier done. After finishing the building, he painted it.

He also bought a mattress for the woman. Community-women in the village danced towards the house to celebrate what he did for the woman.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

user3999464517449 said:

“Congratulations bro.”

kevinwillams42 said:

“God will keep giving u bro.”


“You will build Bigger one soon brother.”

Victory.boy said:

“Congrats. But why I no see I tap from your blessings for comment section??”

Akuchinyere Rita said:

“God bless you. May you never lack.”


“Your pocket shall never go dry sir, Iseeeeeee.”

Vincent Ugboesotu said:

“More funds bro.”

Chuks said:

“God bless you my bro. Ajeh u no go fall.”

omodano said:

“Youg no go fail”: Nigerian man builds small house for village woman, paints it, buys her bed.”

ugballa success chinemerem said:

“I tap from this grace to always impact smile in people’s faces …may you never run down financially and health wise ,Amen.”

B.I.G_Rocky said:

“Hope it will not fall if heavy rain fall? Anyway congrats to her and God bless you more brother.”

user5134136102226 said:

“This make me cry , may God remember me to this to my parents in Jesus name Amen.”

Son blessed his family, rebuilt their house

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young Nigerian man, @kingpromise082, remembered his family after he made it in life. The man used his wealth to rebuild his family’s old house.

In a video he shared online, the man showed people how his father’s old house before he started rebuilding it. The building was unplastered.

Young man built house

In other news, a young Nigerian millionaire, @almightysarko, shared a video of the building project on which he spent his money.

The man said he never rushed to buy a car with his money. The video he posted showed the moment the building’s lintel was concreted before the structure was taken to the level it could be roofed.


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