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“You Smell Nice”: Nigerian Man Reveals Details of Conversation He Had With Female Uber Driver



"You Smell Nice": Nigerian Man Reveals Details of Conversation He Had With Female Uber Driver
  • A Nigerian man said he had a conversation with an Uber driver and discovered she was a student at the University of Lagos
  • According to radio presenter Osi Suave, the lady told him she was doing the taxi business to pay her school fees at UNILAG
  • Osi said the conversation revealed to him that the young lady was taking life one step at a time, and he paid her more than he should

Radio present, Osi Suave, boarded a taxi and had a productive conversation with the driver.

He found out that the female taxi driver is a student at the University of Lagos and that she is the one seeing herself through school.

Lady drives taxi to pay her fees at UNILAG.The lady is a student of the University of Lagos. Photo credit: Getty Images/Westend61 and Twitter/Osi Suave.Source: UGC

The conversation all started when the female taxi driver complimented Osi’s perfume.

Osi said in a Twitter post:

“I just met the most interesting 22-year-old. I took an Uber out, and a 22-year-old female 300-level student of UNILAG came to get me. We had the most interesting conversation for the duration of our trip.

“She says she has made 16k today, spent 10k on fuel and her goal is 25k before she calls it a day. She has had a breast cancer scare, shaved her head expecting the worst and tells me If I belive in miracles and I go yes. She says she was listening to a popular morning prayer and got healed. And proceeds to show me her shaved head on her phone.”

Taxi driver gets more money from Osi Suave

Osi said he admired the lady’s disposition to life and the fact that she is taking life easy, going to school while still hustling.

He said:

“The trip was 6100 I paid more than the fare cos l was moved to. I didn’t want it to seem inwas trying to give her a handout. But I learnt so much from this kid on this 20-minute ride. She just took life in its stride and deals with it, no sob story, no pity party.”

See the Twitter post below:

Reactions as UNILAG student drivers Uber to pay fees

@JoeOdey said:

“I’d chip in a few bucks to help towards offsetting her gearbox loan if you’re able to share her contact.”

@Nrs_Idreeserh said:

“A nice convo you had with the 22-year-old lady. But I no believe her. Sounds so untrue.”

Taxi driver helps a lady to get a job

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that a lady got a job from a taxi driver who turned out to be a company manager.

The lady got into a conversation with the driver and revealed to him that he was looking for a job.

The man helped her press the necessary buttons, and she was hired within a week.


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