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You don see me for TV? Man in Qatar World Cup asks his friend who is at home



You don see me for TV? Man in Qatar World Cup asks his friend who is at home

A young man who is so excited to be watching the Qatar 2022 World Cup live has shared his joy in a TikTok video.

In a video posted on Saturday, November 19 by DJ Sisqomix, the young man called his friend while watching a match.

Photos of a man phoning his friend from the stadium at the Qatar World Cup.

The man asked his friend to look out for him on TV. Photo credit: TikTok/@djsisqomix.Source: UGC

Right from inside the stadium, the man fetches his phone from his pocket and dialed his friend’s number.

Watching the Qatar World Cup live

He talked loudly to everyone’s hearing, asking his friend if he has seen him on television.

But it appears his friend hadn’t seen him, so he asked him to put on the TV and tune to any channel so as to see him.

He even went on to stand up and to wave his hand in the air in case his friend back home was having difficulties making out his face from the crowd.

The crowd around him roared in laughter while some of them clapped for him. From the caption of the video, it appears the man is a Cameroonian football official.

Watch the video below:


Na we this for field I beg check for tv if you don see me @fifa_world_cup_qatar22 @fecafoot_officiel @237showbizz @cameroonmusictalenthunt @cameroondanceacademy @

♬ original sound – DJ SISQOMIX

Reactions from TikTok users

@henryblaze1910 said:

“Is like calling your friend that said you can’t make it, to tell him you’ve make it.”

@Omoh commented:

“If you watched this like five times, gather here. Lol.”

@Naro said:

“I love my African brothers.”

@Seth219 said:

“This is me if God finally made me show for TV one day.”

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