Why you should AVOID these 6 foods when you are going for a Date

1. Spaghetti

It is inevitable that at some point in your spaghetti bowl, you will have to resort to the eating technique of slurping, which will just remind your date of when Michelle Tanner ate her way through little Italy. Word to the wise, “Lady and the Trampin’ it” is a myth

2. Garlic and Onion

Avoid garlic and onions like the plague. Need I say more? If you’re trying to go home with your date later, you won’t, because of your pungent breath. Even gum can’t help you now.

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3. Processed meat

Processed meats are definitely another no-go-zone. If you’re at a baseball game, I’d say 100% go for the girl next door look and order a hot dog. But otherwise, eating processed meats recreationally on your dates will lead to bloating, and bloating leads to….bloating

4. spicy food

Maybe you love the fire. But what if your date doesn’t? And then you watch this person sit across from you and try to talk while their lips are burning and they’re perspiring and waiting patiently for death? Don’t put your date through that. The spicy food can come later, when you’ve agreed on the topic.

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5. Ice cream

An ice cream date is super cute, right? A sweet throwback to high school rendezvous, when you might steal a kiss with sticky mouths? No. Not with all that dairy rolling through your stomach

6. Diet

If you’re gearing up for a long night (you saucy minx), a caffeinated pick-me-up from the office vending machine may seem like just the ticket. Diet soda will bloat you like crazy, though, and no one wants to go into a date with a distended belly.

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