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“Why Is Her Uniform Short?” School Girl Dances in Assembly Ground with Crazy Energy, Video Trends



"Why Is Her Uniform Short?" School Girl Dances in Assembly Ground with Crazy Energy, Video Trends
  • A captivating video posted on the TikTok app by @busy_girlgloomy03 has gone viral online
  • The video showed her energetic dance performance at school during a gathering of all students
  • While some criticised her for dancing instead of studying others expressed admiration for her moves

A beautiful girl with the handle @busy_girlgloomy03 on TikTok recently showcased her impressive dance moves during a school performance.

The video quickly gained attention and went viral capturing the attention of netizens from all over the world.

Girl dances with energy on assembly groundGirl dances with energy on assembly ground
Photo credit: @busygirl_gloomy/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Girl dances boldly in front of peers

In the video, the girl stood during an assembly to dance with so much energy as her peers watched in awe.

Dressed in her school uniform, she exhibited amazing moves that captured the hearts of many on the TikTok app.

Mixed reactions and criticisms trail video

Upon viewing the video, netizens had different opinions about Gloomy’s dance performance.

Some individuals criticized her, expressing concerns that she should prioritize her studies instead of spending time on dancing.

They argued that her parents might be struggling financially and that she should focus on her education.

On the other hand, some netizens thoroughly enjoyed her dance performance. They praised her energetic moves and expressed their admiration for her talent.


“She has a career already in this Era where talent pays more than Education.”

@hildachinga reacted:

“Parents go through a lot.”

@Ras Dunga reacted:

“I love seeing girls happy coz wow you guys go through a lot xem.”

@MR BAILA said:

“Wow awesome dance moves.”

@user9590843637816 said:

“Someone is paying thousands of dollars for fees.”

@Dezotok commented:

“So beautiful. I like this dance.”

@BK_MUTUAH_ said:

“Parent: my daughter is in school very focused reading.”

@kelebogileangeli1 said:

“I just hope that she get A in all subjects.”

@nkipyeg0101 said:

“Parents is now at the village doing Harambee so that at least to get money for school fees.”

@Robby Splash reacted:

“I just love the way you dance darling.”

@wunda commented:

“Parents at home thinking my child is working really hard to pass the exams and then there’s this.”

Watch the video below:

Teacher dances with students on assembly ground

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a teacher has been hailed online after dancing with her students on the assembly ground. In a video shared via TikTok, the beautiful female teacher showed off her dance moves alongside her students.

The students smiled sweetly as they danced and this attracted positive comments from netizens who came across the clip. While some lauded the teacher for her amazing gesture, others were more interested in knowing the name and location of the school.

@judith_njn_za said: “I think our teachers were boring back in the 90s when we were at high school. This new generation of teachers are fun to watch on TikTok.”


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