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Why I celebrated my Husband’s death despite having 10 children with him



Why I celebrated my Husband's death despite having 10 children with him

A lady from Nakuru reffered to as Margaret was born and raised in a poor family. Her parents could barely feed them nor taken them to school. She didn’t attend school and she only helped with housework. When she was sixteen years she met a young man and they fell inlove soon after.

She got married to him and they were blessed with ten children. Life became difficult for them and she started to work as her househelp. Her husband had changed his character and he indulged into drinking alcohol.

He would beat Margaret on different occasions and he never gave her money for the children’s upkeep. Time went by and he fell sick. He had a rare illness that left sores and wounds on his body. He hardly ate nor slept. She offered to take him to hospital but he refused and insulted her on most occasions.

This stressed her a lot because she would take care of him and the children. Instead of appreciating her efforts he would insult her and hit her with anything on his site. He despised her alot.

She never took him to hospital and his condition worsened. He became bedridden and his wounds produced a bad smell that disturbed her neighbors. One day she went for work as usual but when she came to see him later that day he had already died.

She called her neighbors and the police. They took his body to hospital and she was arrested but after the postmortem results she was released and because there wasn’t any evidence of foul play. Her children attended the funeral but she never went.

“I never went to his funeral and I was happy after his death.” Margaret says.

She says that she was excited when her husband died because he hated her and mistreated her when he was alive. She no remorse after his death and infact she was relieved.

She was judged and humiliated y her in-laws after his death and they never associated with her again. She concentrates on raising her ten and several grandchildren.

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