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“Who is your president?” Little girl’s pronunciation of ‘Asiwaju’ causes buzz



"Who is your president?" Little girl's pronunciation of 'Asiwaju' causes buzz
  • A heartwarming video shared by @LettertoJack on social media has captured the attention of netizens
  • In the video, his little daughter confidently stated the name of the Nigerian president when asked
  • The adorable clip has garnered praise from viewers who were amazed by the little girl’s knowledge and wit

A Nigerian father has praised his daughter’s brilliance after testing her knowledge of current affairs.

In the video shared by the proud father @LettertoJack on Twitter, his daughter correctly mentioned the full name of the Nigerian president.

Little girl pronounces Asiwaju in videoLittle girl confidently answers current affairs question
Photo credit: @letter_to_jack/Twitter.Source: TikTok

Dad praises daughter’s intelligence on current affairs

While sharing the video, he advised netizens to bring all their current affairs questions to his daughter to answer.

Netizens who watched the intriguing clip were amazed by her knowledge, confidence and how she pronounced ‘Asiwaju’.

He captioned the video;

“Bring your current affairs questions make my daughter cancel am like eba!”

Netizens react to video of little girl answering current affairs question

After the video went viral, netizens flooded the comments section with admiration for the little girl.

Many commented on how grown up she appeared, while others suggested other challenging questions for her to answer.

@IzuchukwuGi said:

“Ask her who is the current vice president of Togo.”

@katako48 commented;

“This girl don grow o, I remember when una born am. Omo time really flies.”

@BigLamzz said:

“So cute.”

@Copah Jay reacted:

“Ask her what in what did Neil Armstrong meet his wife and in what place?”

@NosaJef said:

“Why was she calling his name that way. Lily is looking like someone that’ll be full of so much jokes.”

@nochie_a said:

“Just imagine. Lily don grow. Make una de groom am to challenge that man wey sabi all these president.”

Watch the video below:

Brilliant little girl thrills people with clean accent

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a video of a little Nigerian girl speaking boldly and fluently with a nice accent has surprised netizens.

In the impressive video, she talked about how English words vary in pronunciation and spelling. She stated that the spelling of an English word is a poor guide to how the word is pronounced. She also gave examples of words with the letter ‘A’ which sounded differently when pronounced.

“The English spelling is a poor guide to its pronunciation. This simply means that English words are not pronounced the same way they are spelt or written”, she said.


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