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“Who did this to you?” Girl’s long hairstyle goes viral as she steps out with it



"Who did this to you?" Girl's long hairstyle goes viral as she steps out with it
  • A lady with an extraordinarily long braid stepped into the street to show off the strange hairstyle
  • In a video which has gone viral and sparked reactions, the lady had her hair braided to look as long as a snake
  • Many people gathered to watch the hair as she walked in the street, and the hair dragged on the ground behind her

A lady who braided her hair to look like a long snake has gone viral after the video was posted on TikTok.

In the video posted by @queenjackson0014, the lady was seen walking in the street with extraordinarily long hair.

Lady parades the streets with long braids.People who saw the lady captured her with their phones. Photo credit: TikTok/@queenjackson0014.Source: TikTok

As she walked by the roadside, the hair trailed behind as if it were a long rope attached to her body.

People stood by the roadside to watch the young lady and her hair as she walked past them like a supermodel parading the runway.

Lady parades streets with long braid

The lady behaved absentmindedly as if she did not notice that people were watching her hair.

Some surprised people removed their phones and started capturing her. The video has generated many reactions on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to lady’s long hair

@Elsy Esinam said:

“Our Rapunzel hair go carry spit go house.”

@dobsonflourish commented:

“I nearly match the hair when I was coming to the comment section.”

@Fas said:

“The kid in me will step on it after recording.”

@bossbabyorganic commented:

“See as people dey carry phone follow her.”

@Winnie said:

“This one they pack all the dirty for road go house.”

@sveasy said:

“Please hold her. Don’t let her to enter market.”

@user7158461990195 said:

“This one no get sense.”

@graycee_allen said:

“This one sef no long reach. Please do the one that would be long from Lagos to Ogun state.”

@favyduchess said:

“Who did this to you at oku street?”

Lady with long hair goes viral

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that a lady with long hair posted a video on TikTok and it went viral.

The TikTok user showed off the thick and long hair which touched her back, and many ladies started asking about the product she used on it.

The beautiful lady straightened the long hair and also showed the little bottle of oil she uses to enhance growth.


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