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What happened after Man prayed for her Dead mother to come back to life, refuse to bury her



Police in Kirinyaga County have arrested 45-year-old James Muchira and his wife for keeping the remains of his late mother in the house

James Muchira, supposedly, believed that he could pray for the body and make the woman come back to life

The couple was arrested after the man’s relatives, led by his brother Evans Mwaniki, sought help from the authorities.

Neighbours indicated that the man and his wife barred anyone from gaining access to their house, which doubles up as a church called “God’s Mountain of Believers.”

When police officers went into the couple’s house, they were surprised to find a decomposed body.


Corn mungai – Poor guy,the pain of losing a loved one is hard. lakini some of this beliefs are misplaced. He should be counselled not arrested

Maria musa – People process grief differently. He couldn’t let go

Brian Mwangi – This means he hasn’t accepted the demise. He should be counselled not arrested that’s another burden.

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