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‘We share everything, the man, bed, food’: How Man with speech problem made 2 blood sisters to marry him



'We share everything, the man, bed, food': How Man with speech problem made 2 blood sisters to marry him

They say women are swayed by what they hear, but a Rwandese man with a speech impediment has shocked many by easily convincing two women to marry him.

Petronilla’s marriage broke down

The man who also does not boast a lot of wealth first got married to Nabanti Maliya and they were blessed with three children.

An interview with Afrimax English revealed that one child died mysteriously, but the others thrived and the oldest, 20 years old, lives away from home. The other one, 19, lives at home with their parents.

One day Habinta’s sister Petronilla showed up at their door saying her marriage was irretrievably broken and they all decided to live together.

My man made her pregnant

“Instead of going back home, she came here. My man fell in love with her and made her pregnant; they told me and we decided to live together,” said Nabanti.

“We share everything, the man, bed, and food. We really love each other, ” she added.

The 52-year-old and his first family used to live in a grass-thatched house but later looked for some money and built a bigger brick house on the shores of Lake Kivu where they all live together.

“Some things were just meant to be,” said Petronilla Maliya.

Essien’s brother was against new marriage

Essien’s brother Sakabe Calvin never thought his brother would marry another wife and was really against the arrangement. Their friends and neighbours were also shocked by the developments.

“Although I was against that Idea I think I was wrong because my brother treats his wives equally. Apart from poverty, there is no other problem or misunderstanding.,” said Calvin.

“Hakuna shida (there is no problem) who are we to separate people who are loving each other? he added.

The man and his wives are farmers who farm every day and also keep a few domestic animals such as goats.


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