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“We Are out of Sapa”: Reactions as Lady Finally Breaks Her Piggy Bank after Final Year, Flaunts Cash



"We Are out of Sapa": Reactions as Lady Finally Breaks Her Piggy Bank after Final Year, Flaunts Cash
  • A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to show off the massive savings she made in her piggy bank
  • She took out her piggy bank and broke it after her final year in school to reveal plenty of crumpled naira notes
  • While some people marvelled at her ability to save, many others tried to guess how much she saved up to win N10k

A young Nigerian lady has displayed her huge savings after she finally broke her piggy bank.

Sharing a video showing how she broke the wooden saving book, she wrote, “Guess the actual amount the money is altogether and 10k is yours.”

Lady, piggy bank, final year, cashShe broke the piggy bank after her final year.
Photo Credit: @lohreyySource: TikTok

According to the lady, @lohreyy, she had been saving the money in her final year and broke it after she was done with school.

She took out plenty of crumpled naira notes of different denominations and began to straighten them.

Afterwards, she held them up to the camera as she flaunted her savings with joy. Many people tried to guess how much she saved up in the piggy bank in a bid to win her N10k prize.

Watch the video below:

People reacted to the money she realised

alexanderifechigh4 said:

“Can you teach me how to save please.”

EMELA said:

“Omo I go save today, tomorrow the savings go save me.”

raphaelhappiness3 said:

” Nah person wey Dey alive Dey save, I don use my 3500 buy chilled chivita and biscuit.”


“We are out of sapa.”

Princess_Ngo said:

“1 million since nobody dey say the correct answer.”

Ameerah said:

“Omoh u be millionaire o.”

DARA’s Stitches said:

”Mek all of una dey play..una no fit get am..even if you get am she go still talk no.”

Thiana255 said:

“Na broom I Dey use remove my own small small anytime I don broke…the kolo still look new, all the money inside don finish.”

Lady displays cash after breaking her piggy bank

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a lady had showcased what she gathered after breaking open her piggy bank.

The TikToker named Innocentia Olisa said she started dropping money in the rectangular home bank in 2021.

In a short clip, she said her heart was pounding because many people have reported missing money in piggy banks in recent times. However, hers was intact as she counted many crumpled naira notes in different denominations.

She said she was saving the money so as to be able to buy a Toyota Venza for herself.


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