Video of first World’s flying bike, Here is the cost if you want to buy it

Photo source: @reuters Source: Twitter
The cost of the first Flying bike in Nigeria (naira) currently is N338,383,500.00 while the price in American Dollars is $777,000.

Reuters has reported that the XTURISMO hoverbike is the first flying bike in the world as it was test-driven in the US.

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According to same media report, the bike can stay in the air for 40 minutes straight with a maximum speed of 62 mph.

Flying bike is already in Japan

Though it is already on sale in Japan, a smaller version will be released in America come 2023, and its estimated price is $777,000 (N338,383,500.00).

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Thad Szott, the man who test-flew the bike, stated that it was comfortable and the machine was not shaky while in flight. It was created by a Japanese company, AERWINS.

Watch the video below:

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Legit compiled some of the reactions below:

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@escayola said:

“Welcome future, I waited for you all my life.”

@cpk_kc said:

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“If this is a kind of bike, then a horse is a meatbike.”

@Investacus asked:

“So when can we get Star Wars speedsters?”

@jedicathy said:

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“Now where are the jedi!”

@TeamTapey said:

“This will be my next bike.”

@badniggafela said:

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“I like how there’s an American flag on it calling it the FIRST FLYING BIKE, meanwhile it’s officially documented china made one 5 years ago lol.”

@RobsterSM said:

“Finally! This is how we’ll be arriving at venues for all Star Shaped events from now on.”

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