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Video of baby’s action on her 1st day in school gets 1.5m likes



Video of baby's action on her 1st day in school gets 1.5m likes

TikTok users are falling for a video that captured a little girl’s funny reaction on her first day of school.

On October 12, Blavity posted the video to show how the little kid entered her day care class for the first time.

The moment she entered the class and beheld the chaos created by cries of so many babies, she paused and observed like an adult.

She looked at the environment as if she was not supposed to be there at all. Her reaction in the video has gather over 1.5 million likes.

As at last count, the video has garnered more than 18k comments and 33k shares meaning it massively went viral.

Watch the video below:


She’s seen everything she needed to see 😂 // 📹: milksfavcookii via storyful

♬ original sound – Blavity

Reactions from TikTok users

@Debra Ball said:

“OMG the eye roll ING.”

@Tiera Pen reacted:

“She said “uh uh get somebody else to do it.”

@Tia said:

“Outfit on point though!!! Loving her hair, such a cutie pie!!!”

@Sam Adams commented:

“She said this is ghetto.”

@mynena79 said:

“Ummm excuse me mom!!! Are you sure you want to leave me here? Her face her eyes are priceless.”

@Roberta Ochs525 said:

“She’s being a good girl and not crying though!”

@theycallmecaine commented:

“Imediately no. immediately no. I’ve seen everything I need to see.”

@Jacqueline Reeder said:

“She’s about to be the teachers favorite. She clearly has some sense.”

@Regina Benson910 commented:

“She looking like what in the world, you are not leaving me here.”