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VIDEO: Dr Nevers Mumba Urges UPND Members To Forgive PF Musicians


LUSAKA – 27/06/22

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba says uniting the nation is a huge task which President Hakainde Hichilema embarked on since he became President.

This is evident from the unity shown by musicians who together sang a song showing love for their country.

Dr Mumba said these huge hearts must be strong enough to forgive those that have injured others in the past as he urged President Hichilema to stay on course with the song of national unity.

The MMD leader said It is gratifying to note that President Hichilema forgave former President Edgar Lungu for the unfortunate imprisonment and advised UPND members to emulate and forgive the Kalandanya singers whose crime was only to sing songs of praise for the then sitting President.

He said the villifying of the artists would be planting a seed of vengeance for anyone singing for President Hichilema after he leaves office.

“This is a call to all Zambians to reach across every barrier which seeks to divide us. It’s only through forgiveness and unity that our nation shall realize its long awaited potential.We remain convinced that the desired development of our country cannot become a reality until national unity is realized ,” he said.

President Mumba said the trending story of the Kalandanya musicians who sang praise songs for former President Lungu and now singing for President Hakainde Hichilema has been received with divided emotions.

The MMD President said some UPND members feel the artists are singing for purposes of “eating” with the new ruling party or attempting to hide their past misdeeds.

“King David, dealt with this matter during his time, when he had to educate the soldiers that went with him to battle and those who remained behind. His “followers” said, those who didn’t go with them should not eat of the spoils. David declared that the victory that God had granted was not just for the few who fought but for every one in the kingdom. This is how you foster kingdom unity,” he said.

Dr Mumba clarified that the musicians are not asking to join UPND but want to contribute to the well being of Zambia through music.

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