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“Very painful”: Lady who secretly checked partner’s phone cries in video



"Very painful": Lady who secretly checked partner's phone cries in video
  • A viral video has shown the tearful reaction of a young lady after going through her partner’s phone
  • The intriguing video ignited a heated discussion on privacy invasion and trust in relationships
  • Netizens are divided on whether checking your partner’s phone indicates a lack of trustworthiness or is an acceptable way to assess a relationship

In a sad video, a young woman was captured in tears after secretly going through her partner’s phone.

Following her experience, the young woman advised other women not to go through their partner’s phone when they find a good man.

Lady in tears after going through partner's phoneLady weeps after checking partner’s phone
Photo credit: @yabaleftonline/instability.Source: Instagram

Lady who went through partner’s phone sparks debate with video

This emotional display has sparked a debate on TikTok about respecting the boundaries of privacy in relationships.

Some argue that going through a partner’s phone is a breach of trust, while others believe it can provide insight into a partner’s fidelity and actual intentions.

Netizens react and share their views about checking partner’s phone

Commenting about the video, netizens have expressed their opinions on the matter.

Many cautioned against invading someone’s privacy and emphasised the importance of trust and open communication.

They insisted that trust should be built through honest conversations and mutual respect, rather than resorting to checking personal devices.

@ble_ssing_sunday reacted:

“Checking your partner’s phone is necessary sometimes, so you know ur place in his life! It’s better to cry now than to cry later.”

richard_hillss said:

“He ain’t a good man if you’ll cry when u go through his phone.”

@sister._of._five said:

“A lot of people actually prefer to live in their delusions than face reality. But whether you like it or not, reality will come upon you. So please, check the phone, it’s better to cry now than cry later.”

@lukasporo said:

“Checking ur partner’s phone as a lady is okay sometimes so u know how much he values u make u no just dey follow mouth.”

@crazysocket reacted:

“I go check am kpaaaa, that thing wey wan happen make e happen.”

@alakeoge said:

“Good man dey make you cry after checking his phone. You obviously need your brain checked.”

@pharm_todun reacted:

“As long as I don’t check yours. Please stay away from mine. Not everything is about cheating. Some of us have confidential information, messages and images of patients infected geniatal parts on the phone. You can’t just jeopardize the integrity of my career because we are dating.”

@saraiii said:

“Too many secrets in their phones. It’s very painful not to trust a partner.”

@iam_starkydo said:

“Privacy is privacy you being a partner doesn’t give you chance to go through my phone I will never do that shiit to you either. It might not even be my secret on the phone. Might be a friend or relative secret which anyone mustn’t see let’s be honest no be everything partner must know. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have access to my phone but you see going through my conversation with other people it’s a no for me I can’t take that shiit and I will never do that to you. If you feel insecure leave.”

See the post below:

Woman in pain after going through partner’s phone

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian man identified as @highbeerichie53 on TikTok has posted a video of his wife keeping a long face after checking his phone.

Like someone plotting a strategic revenge plan, his wife looked deeply at him with a frown on her face. While sharing the clip on social media, the man revealed that she had just gone through his phone but didn’t like what she saw.

Many netizens, in their comments, advised the man to always make his wife happy and avoid doing what would make her doubt him.


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