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“Update Your CV”: Smart Lady Shares New Scope that Landed Her Well-Paying Job with Oyinbo Boss



"Update Your CV": Smart Lady Shares New Scope that Landed Her Well-Paying Job with Oyinbo Boss
  • A Nigerian lady has shared her amusing experience during a job interview where she referred to her NYSC service as para military service
  • The oyinbo interviewer was shocked and showered her with compliments, unaware of what NYSC really entails
  • Netizens reacted in the comments section expressing their amusement and considering using the same strategy in their future interviews

A Nigerian lady has gone viral online after sharing the unusual pattern she used to secure a well-paying job.

During a recent job interview, the lady identified as @levyngrey on Twitter mentioned that she had completed paramilitary service in her country.

Lady who completed NYSC bags huge job with smart trickLady who did NYSC bags huge job
Photo credit: Bloomberg, Andreswd, Brenda Sangi Arruda/ Getty Images.
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Lady gets job after claiming to have done para military service

The interviewer, who was unfamiliar with the Nigerian context of NYSC was taken aback by Levyngrey’s statement.

Instead of recognising that she was referring to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the interviewer showered her with compliments, assuming she had completed a significant and impressive paramilitary service.

While the interviewer believed she had accomplished something remarkable, Levyngrey knew it was simply her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) service, a mandatory program for Nigerian graduates.

She silently chuckled, appreciating the unintentional praise she received. Levyngrey secured the job because she served to her country.

Netizens promise to try the method in subsequent interviews

Netizens flooded the comments section, expressing their amusement over the incident.

Many mentioned that they would use a similar tactic in their future interviews, hoping to receive unexpected praise and compliments.

@CallMeMariany reacted:

“Time to update my CV and Upwork profile.”

@Nueldigitals said:

“I go use this scope one day.”

@Mowa _ola said:

“Lmao going to call it paramilitary.”

@PreciousOrla reacted:

“Time for all of us that attended military secondary schools to blow. Imagine attending command, navy, airforce schools plus NYSC, I don become full soldier be that.”

@rahchellin commented:

“Technically. You didn’t lie. Runs to update CV”

@Feranmigrey said:

“Lmfaooo if you served away from your comfort zone you would know NYSC is something serious.”

@zika _fierce said:

“NYSC is serious dears. That 3 weeks under the sun or in the rain na paramilitary. Then if you get posted to a village, E don enter full brown war wey you fight ooo.”

See the post below:

Company cleaner recommends son who just finished NYSC

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a cleaner recommended her son for a job where she works, and he got hired. The son had just completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). The cleaner saw the job opening and thought to recommend her son.

Her son attended the interview and did the administered test. He passed all the stages. It was a moment of joy when the young man got his appointment letter in the presence of his mother. The mother was full of smiles when she saw that her son got the job. The moment was captured by a person who works in the same company. It was later reposted on Twitter by African Facts Zone.

A caption on the photo reads: “This cleaner in our office who recommended her son (just completed NYSC) for an opening. He passed the test and interviews and just got his appointment letter. You need to see how wide her smile is. God bless our mothers.”


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