Two unrelated Nigerian ladies discover they have same birthmarks, height & looks – How they meet

It may be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one to find an exact pair of doppelgangers as a study has shown that the likelihood of two people sharing the exact facial features is less than 1 in 1 trillion

In the same study which was carried out by Teghan Lucas, a PhD student at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine, Australia, it was arrived at that there is only a one in 135 chance that a single pair of doppelgängers exists on our planet of over 7 billion people, but a Nigerian lady, Faith has found hers.

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21-year-old Mahuntin Faith Anuoluwapo found her doppelganger without employing any professional services and shared the stunning development on Facebook.

How Faith found her doppelganger in Lagos

Thursday, May 5, 2022 will forever remain a special day in the life of Faith as it was on that day she found out about the existence of her doppelganger, 20-year-old Yusuf Habibat Olashinle.

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When contacted, Faith narrated to Legit.ng‘s Victor Duru that it all started during her trip to Epe, Lagos.

She said it was her doppelganger’s dad that saw her and mistook Faith for his daughter.

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When it dawned on him that Faith was entirely a stranger, the stunned man collected her phone number.

“Was on my way to Epe, Lagos.

“I stood at Eleko Bustop.

“It was her dad that sighted me first..

“When he shouted that was when my attention was drawn, ” Faith recalled.

On getting home, Faith said she told her mother about the discovery. Her mum was as surprised as she was.

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“My mom was surprised.

“But she said she is certain she never had twins.”

Faith says she sees Habibat as the second version of herself

Speaking on her relationship with her doppelganger, the Kwara state indigene said it has been a smooth sail.

The health education final year student of Lagos State University of Education, Epe added that she sees Habibat as a twin.

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“It (their friendship) has been awesome.

“We talk every day.

“And I saw true friendship in her.

“And I see her as a second me.

“The second who was found..”

The similarities and differences Faith shares with Habibat

Faith said Habibat has the same facial look, colour, walking steps, birthmarks, height and even career aspirations as her.

The pretty ladies also happen to be the only daughters of their respective families.

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The differences between them however are that Faith has broader hips while Habibat doesn’t. This is in addition to their already stated age difference – Faith is 21 years old and Habibat is 20.

Habibat speaks on finding her doppelganger without deliberately searching

Speaking with Legit.ng‘s Victor Duru via WhatsApp, Habibat recounted how her dad had seen Faith while headed for Epe and had thought it was his daughter.

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According to the 300 level student business education student of Federal College of Education, Akoka, she got wind of the discovery of her doppelganger on Friday, May 6. It was her father who broke it to her and gave her Faith’s number. She said:

“Actually that very day, I wasn’t the one that met her. It was my dad that met her that day.

“My dad was heading to Epe so my dad saw her. He was like, is this not Habibat.

“You told me you were going to school, so what are you doing at Epe.

“It was my dad that collected her number. I was in school that day. The next day I came, my dad showed me her picture.

“He was very surprised and confused. Since then I and Faith have been talking…”

Habibat maintained that her dad was the more shocked and excited of her parents. She said this may be connected to the fact that he saw Faith himself.

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“My dad was very happy, excited and confused. He couldn’t believe that wasn’t me.

“My mum wasn’t surprised because she believes in the sentiment that all humans were created in twos.

“My mum wasn’t that shocked.

I reasoned that my dad may have been so excited because he actually saw her himself not my mum.”

Habibat says she can’t go a day without hearing from Faith

Habibat said her relationship with Faith blossomed since their first physical meeting. She said their friendship is so strong that hardly a day go by without them interacting.

The Oyo state indigene gushed over Faith who she says she loves like a blood sibling.

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“Since then, I made her my gist partner.

“I am not myself if I don’t speak to her in a day. Same as her.

“I love her like my blood siblings. I really love her. Nobody can replace her love in my heart.

“Even when we finally met physically and walked alongside each other, people wondered if we’re twins.

“That day was a very wonderful day for me. I was extra ordinarily excited because I could see myself in her.”

Source: Legit.ng

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