Twinzlove’s mum reacts after Her estranged lover alleged that she slept around with other men

Princess Oladimeji, the mother of twin entertainers, Twinzlove, has spoken up after being accused of abandoning her children.

Her estranged lover had levelled serious allegations against her, claiming that she also neglected her children and slept around with other men.

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The young man also denied abandoning his children and pinned all blame on Princess Oladimeji.

Reacting to the allegations, Princess went on a lengthy rant and even broke down in tears.

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She debunked the accusations and recounted the hardship she went through to take care of her twin girls.

According to Princess, one of her hands no longer functions properly because of the chemicals she touched while doing menial jobs.

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She further sent out a message to her estranged husband and other people asking her daughter to return to their father.

Princess stated that it wouldn’t happen because her daughters bear her surname and would not be associated with any father.

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She went ahead to ask her estranged husband where he was when she suffered and toiled day and night to take care of their kids.

In her words:

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“Where were you when my children were lifeless at UCH that I had to lose my job because of that. Where were you then? Did you come to support me?

“I didn’t want to talk because I’m someone that is emotional. I might not be able to finish this video. I will stay at the gate with list of drgs to beg people about my children’s treatment.

“If I am an irresponsible mother, will I stand still to survive with those children? A landlord even tried to sleep with me because I didn’t pay for rent. I didn’t agree. This man had to tell his wife that I’m the one forcing myself on him.

“They called the whole street to insult me and send me out. Were you there? When they see success, they start coming. If I say I don’t have a family nobody can challenge me. When I gave birth to twins, my family neglected me because I don’t have money to give them.

“Nobody should ask my children again about their father. If anybody do, I will rain curse on that person. I don’t sell my body, I don’t pocknose. My hand got bad because of the chemical I used in washing for good 9 years. Where were you then?

“I pray all of you telling my children to go and meet their father will pass through what I passed through. Don’t you hear their surname? They answer my surname, Oladimeji.”

Netizens react as mother of Twinzlove blows hot

Atinuke Adeoye wrote:

“You don’t need to explain to anybody again madam they are not in your shoes . keep enjoying the grease of God.”

Susan Abolaji said:

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“Iya ibeji, you are a glory to behold. You are encouraging me seriously. I say Amen to all your prayers.”

Ola Pearl commented:

“You are saying another story entirely again. I don’t know why dey are begging you and you children sef. Live your life. Wen the man no dey with you shey he no dey chop ni.”

Araoye Aminat added:

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“Atimes men when u realize ur wife has zero respect for you or does not acknowledge you as his small daddy run as fast as ur leg can take you this is the end result of not being submisive.”

Watch the video below:

Source: Legit.ng

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