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“Travis Scott Has a Sister”: Baby Cries, Father Places Mic in Front, Turns Her Weeping to Sweet Music in Video



A father and mother as got many people laughing hard as they bought a microphone and hooked the device to Autotune app.

When their baby was crying, one of them held her up as the fact placed a mic in front of the kid. When she cried into the device, the Autotune made a sweet sound out of it.

Baby cried into mic

One would think it is a adlib sound of an American song. Even the child was surprised at the sound that she momentarily stopped crying.

Many people who watched the video jokingly said that the child should be signed up by a studio very fast.

Watch the video below:


As requested, Karoke night with autotune. Her crying into the microphone will forever be iconic. Thank y’all so much for showing this video love and making it go viral! More tunes from Baby Jai to come! #cryingbabysound #karoke #microphonechallenge #explore #viral #viralvideos #babygirl

♬ Crying Baby Autotune – TheWashingtonWay

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered close to 5,000 comments with more than 400,000 likes.

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Drippy_dragonball said:

“Travis Scott has a sister now.”

YBG said:

“Travis Scott been real quiet since this came out.”

besmoreen said:

“It started with a cry and ended with a career.”

Jahiem Simpson said:

“She was like this sounds cool lemme do it again.”

Vibez said:

“Travis Scott been quiet ever since this dropped.”

Pepsilexiiiiiiiii said:

“She knew what she was doin at the end.”

user85623981801754 said:

“She started crying n said hold on this sound awesome.”

Jori Roberts said:

“Aaah… AaAaAaH-I get those goosebumps everytime!”