This Curvy Lady’s Dance in Wedding Party got people talking [VIDEO]

Social media users have been swept off their feet by a pretty lady who danced so nicely at a wedding party.

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The curvy lady took over the entire floor and showcased eye-popping moves that has got people glued to her video.

Dressed in a well-tailored long gown, the lady identified as Afiaa, moved her legs as if she is controlled by a remote.

She is so good that people who have seen the video could barely notice any other dancer at the wedding.

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Afiaa in long gown danced hotly to Chop Kiss by Shatta Wale

The nice dress she was putting on was long, but it did not stop her from swinging from end to end.

In the video first shared by wedding photographer, Maxwell Jennings, she got people shouting and asking for more. She danced to Chop Kiss by Shatta Wale.

Watch the video below:

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Instagram users react

@____michyy said:

“Sis came ready to dance!”

@shaolintemple87 commented:

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“Love the dress too, though ain’t no way I’m gonna be a bridesmaid ever again.”

@nana.amazz said:

“11/10 giving us face and footwork.”

@degohilla_hq said:

“I already know the aunties over 50 are making side comments.”

@kofiartist commented:

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“Guy you lost the battle.”

@sai_kauna said:

“Ghanaians and this Azonto hand movement 5&6.”

@itznunuboo said:

“I need me an African man because baby.”

@tobey_rasheed commented:

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“It’s a different vibe one love.”


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