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“They Want to Kill Us With Food”: Nigerian Intern at Total Energies Shares Experience at Company



"They Want to Kill Us With Food": Nigerian Intern at Total Energies Shares Experience at Company
  • A young Nigerian woman who secured an internship at the headquarters of Total Energies, one of the world’s leading energy companies, has revealed how she enjoys working there
  • She said that the company provides excellent staff satisfaction, with a friendly and supportive work environment
  • She also mentioned that the company offers abundant food for its staff every day, and encourages them to eat well and stay healthy

A young Nigerian woman has shared her amazing story of how she got accepted to intern at the headquarters of Total Energies in Nigeria.

She said that her experience at Total Energies has been nothing short of wonderful particularly on areas of food.

Photo of the internIntern shares her experience. Photo credit: TikTok/@tina.andreaSource: TikTok

Working experience at Total Energies

She said that the company also cares about its staff’s well-being and satisfaction, and provides them with a lot of benefits and perks.

One of the perks that she enjoys the most is the food. She said that the company offers a variety of delicious food for its staff every day, from breakfast to dinner, and that they are free to eat as much as they want.

She shows that she loves at Total Energies, and confirms that she has tried many new dishes from different cuisines.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

User2563452173289 reacted:

“Na engineering students dey enjoy SIWES/IT pass.”

Teena responded:

“That’s not true. I think it’s where you serve that determines if you’l enjoy or not.”


“Me at NNPC. They wanted to kill us with food.”

Mamah Chinecherem:

“Nafdac did me dirty.”


“SCHLUMBEGER gave us full buffet once in a blue moon.”

Teena responded:

“Niceee my dad works in schlumbeger btw.”

Ogeexx commented:

“Me in Coca-Cola different delicacies everyday.”

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