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“They Grew Together”: Couple Posts Stunning Video on TikTok, Shows Transformation After Five Years



"They Grew Together": Couple Posts Stunning Video on TikTok, Shows Transformation After Five Years
  • A man, his wife and daughter showed how their lives have changed over the last five years
  • In a TikTok video, the man and his family were transformed as they look better than they did five years ago
  • Many TikTok users were inspired by the video, and some of them praised the man’s wife for being patient with him

The physical transformation of man and his family have inspired a lot of netizens on TikTok.

The inspiring transformation video was posted by @mamanthabi54, who said the old picture in it was taken five years ago.

Photos show family's transformation after five years.New photos show that the family look cute and transformed. Photo credit: TikTok/@mamanthabi54.Source: TikTok

The first photo in the transformation clip shows the couple’s humble beginning. Apparently, they were still coming up when the photo was taken.

The photo shows the man, his wife and daughter as they posed for the camera in the middle of a street road.

The family also shared more photos taken recently, and the pictures show how they currently look.

The current photos show the family looking chubby and also indicate that the man and his wife have graduated from school. Many of their followers conclude that the family is now better off.

Some of those who commented praised the man’s wife for being patient with him when he was still coming up.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users react to family’s transformation video

@La Ephy said:

“Beautiful. At least you never called him broke and useless. You grew together.”

@cheroo770 said:

“I zoomed the pose of that little princess, and she looks like a future model.”

@sonto635 commented:

“That is what is called love.”

@user1549366481725 said:

“Challenge closed, we saw what we were looking for.”

@kathrynofficial30 said:

“I’m waiting for me and my babe to get rich so that I can also use this sound.”

@Omphemetse said:

“At least you love him the way he is.”

Man’s life changes after he went through therapy

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that a young man who had harmful habits had dropped all and has been transformed through therapy care.

The young man named Afolabi was said to have lived a street life in Lagos, where he indulged in hard substances.

His life changed when a Nigerian man named Dimmy and his friends found him and made him go through therapy.


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