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They all have different tastes: Young man with 8 beautiful wives reveals



They all have different tastes: Young man with 8 beautiful wives reveals

A Brazilian polygamist has opened up about his busy married life, saying several of his wives demand he maintain rippling abs at all times.

Some wives demand author be in shape

Arthur O Urso hit the headlines in 2021 after tying the knot with eight women in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Mirror reported that Urso recently came out as spornsexual – an academic term from the mid-2010s that is used to describe a fragranced, buffed, ripped, and groomed man.

Many men say Urso is living the dream by bedding a bevy of beauties, but the busy husband said it’s not always easy to keep up with his spouse’s strict stipulations.

“They demand that I be in shape, otherwise I get lectured,” the influencer told the Mirror.

In order to maintain his rippling six-pack, the prolific polygamist is constantly hitting the gym and has also cut carbs from his diet.

“I don’t eat gluten, lactose, and even loaves of bread and pasta,” he declared.

Others don’t want him to groom

And while some of Urso’s wives love his athletic body, the buff Brazilian also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror, an essential trait for most spornsexuals.

However, Urso said some of his wives have different tastes and don’t always need him be working on his appearance.

“Some of them don’t like to see me taking care of me so much — some are jealous,” he declared.

Urso was initially married to Luana Kazaki, with the pair sharing videos that netted them around $73,000 (N31,405,330) per month on OnlyFans.

Last year, however, Urso decided he wanted to marry seven additional women to “protest against monogamy.” The nuptials were not legally binding as polygamy is outlawed in Brazil.

One of Arthur’s wives files for divorce

It was gathered Brazilian model had expressed his shock at one of his nine wives who has filed for divorce because she cannot share him.

“She wanted to have me all to herself,” Arthur disclosed.

Arthur further revealed that he was “very sad” about the development, adding that he was even more surprised by her decision.

Interestingly, the other eight wives agree with their husband that their co-wife’s attitude is wrong.

“They believe that she accepted the marriage for adventure and not for real feelings,” Arthur continued.

Arthur explained that Agatha wants the divorce because she is missing a monogamous relationship.

Man “spoilt” third wife with Range Rover gift

Meanwhile, earlier reported that Tanzanian doctor JJ Mwaka gifted his third wife a white Range Rover.

The father of five, the founder of Foreplan Clinic, surprised his wife, leaving her awed. The car was handed to the beautiful woman by a local car dealership in South Africa. The video was shared on Instagram.

Mwaka, who recently left tongues wagging after revealing he wanted to marry a fourth wife, disclosed he shares a bed with two of his three wives.


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