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“The Way I Shouted”: Nigerian Lady Cries out after Allowing Brother Undo Her Hair, Shares Video



"The Way I Shouted": Nigerian Lady Cries out after Allowing Brother Undo Her Hair, Shares Video
  • A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament after allowing her brother to undo her hair
  • She shared a video showing how he looked focused while helping out with her hair and the disappointing result
  • The lady’s video sent internet users into a frenzy as many people laughed at her and made jokes about it

A Nigerian lady, Iyenatu Swarray Kanu, has caused a stir online after showcasing what her brother did to her hair.

Iyenatu allowed her brother to help undo her hair and apparently did not expect him to do badly.

Iyenatu Swarray Kanu, Nigerian lady, hairPeople laughed at Iyenatu Swarray Kanu’s hair.
Photo Credit: @mariamakeffSource: TikTok

She shared a short video that showed him undoing her hair with great attention. However, some parts of her hair were lost in the process, as seen in the aftermath Iyenatu displayed.

Iyenatu’s video blew up on the social media platform TikTok, amassing 1.3 million views at the time of this report.

People made fun of her hair.

Watch the video below:

People found it hilarious

Casandra said:

“Please let me see his face after all thisi want to see how he reacted lolz.”

blackskinnedlicia said:

“You give your brother your hair ???the mind wey some of una get eeehn make God give me 5% inside.”

Perry Palmer said:

“Is always the focused ones that do the most shege.”

Ressa beadings l said:

“This happened to me when I asked him to unbraid my faux locs. He had the guts to tell me it will grow back in a year’s time. That day I cried.”

Mma said:

“If u waka fast fast nobody will notice.”

Mary O said:

“You need to see the way I shouted.”

hormorniyi said:

“Maybe she probably wants to barb it before.”

Lady in tears after mum cut her baby’s hair

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a lady had cried out after her mother cut her baby’s full hair off.

According to the sad mother, she left the baby in her mother’s care and when she returned, she saw that her mother had cut her daughter’s hair.

In a video, the cute baby girl’s curly and full hair was cut off with scissors by her grandma. While sharing the video, the lady asked why it is important to cut the first set of a baby’s hair.


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