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“The Only Constant is God”: After a Heavy Heartbreak, Lady Changes Tattoo of Ex to Cross Sign



"The Only Constant is God": After a Heavy Heartbreak, Lady Changes Tattoo of Ex to Cross Sign
  • A TikTok video of a woman who covered up her ex-boyfriend’s name tattoo with a cross has gone viral
  • The woman, who had inked her lover’s name on her shoulder, decided to change it into a symbol of Jesus after they split up
  • She realised that God was the only constant in her life and made the final choice

A woman’s clever way of transforming her ex-boyfriend’s name tattoo into a cross has captured the attention of many TikTok users.

The woman had previously tattooed the name of her former lover on her shoulder, but after their relationship ended, she chose to modify it into a religious symbol.

Photo of ladyLady changes tatoo. Photo credit: TIkTok/@nipahiamoa247Source: TikTok

She came to the conclusion that the only person who would never leave her or disappoint her was God, and she made the ultimate decision to honour him with her body art.

As of publishing the video has gathered thousands of views and comments on TikTok. showing that people could relate to it.

Watch the video below:

TheTalk.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Rm591 reacted:

“Derrick has grown wings.”

Dv86363ygege said:

“Bless Derrick for Winning a soul the angels are glad.”

YourExcellency wrote:

“Evangelist Derrick praise the Lord.”


“But still Derrick is the foundation.”


“Jesus came and rescued her from Derrick.”


“Derrick I pray u win more souls for Christ.”


“Derrick out here winning souls for christ.”


“It’s now time for Derrick to fly.”

Joe Derrick:

“Kamiri come and see you have grown wings.”

Kojo Dimples:

“The Pillar Behind the Cross is Derrick!!”

Special dml:

“Derrick continue to win souls for Christ.”


“Derick won this soul.”

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