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“The Boys Prefer Hugs”: Teacher Gives Her Pupils a Grand Welcome as they Arrive School, Video Melts Hearts



  • A heartwarming video shows a female school teacher having a fun time with her pupils as they arrived at school
  • In the video, each of the kids was asked to choose between a hug, a dance, and other forms of exchanging pleasantries
  • The children were so smart and excited as they chose their preferred method of greeting their teacher

A teacher has been hailed online over her sweet manner of relating and welcoming her children to school.

The school children were expected to choose either a hug, a dance, a high five, or a butterfly move as they arrived at school.

Teacher welcomes pupils in grand styleTeacher welcomes pupils in grand style
Photo Credit: @kissy_dancanSource: TikTok

In the video, the pupils moved very happily one after the other to greet their teacher with their preferred method.

The video has attracted so many reactions from netizens who admired how intelligent and smart the children were.

However, some people were more fascinated by the fact that most male pupils chose to hug their teacher.

Social media reactions

@Monnie said:

“Boys with hugs.”

@ummu najma commented:

“Kids are very smart mashallah with their beautiful teacher.”

@Chocolate added:

“Who else realises boys with hugs anyway they’re so smart.”

@wangari wrote:

“You are an amazing teacher.”

@bellemillan5 reacted:


@naseriangladys1 said:

“And I completed my primary school education without even shaking my teachers hand.”

@Ella Kats 256 said:

“Nice teacher the dance for me.”

@nanyangemiriam wrote:

“Thanks teacher for loving Ur children feel like hugging you also.”

@mirembe 8113 added:

“It motivates them; thanks dear teacher.”

@essy commented:

“The hugs for me.”

@dianadaniel373 wrote:

“Boys with hugs, this is hilarious.”

@Upendo reacted:

“I like it so much.”

Watch the video below:

Teacher welcomes pupils in heartwarming way

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a class one Ghanaian teacher, Fredrick Mensah, has come up with a warm way of welcoming each student into his class each day. Mensah, a teacher at the Mankessim M/A “A” School in the Central Region of Ghana, added the tension-easing practice of ‘class entering greeter’ to his special way of welcoming his pupils to class.

Mensah could be seen hugging, dancing, handshaking, waving, fist and leg bumping with his pupils before entering his class for lessons. Mensah, who started teaching at the Mankessim M/A “A” School in 2016, told Ghanaian news platform that ”teaching is my passion”.

The video captured one morning shows the children in great excitement when their turn comes up to greet him.


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