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“The Betrayal in His Eyes”: Little Boy Caught on Camera Hiding Plate of Food in Pocket, Video Trends



"The Betrayal in His Eyes": Little Boy Caught on Camera Hiding Plate of Food in Pocket, Video Trends
  • A TikTok user has shared a video capturing a young boy from Benin City engaging in a hilarious action
  • In the video, the boy was seen attempting to store a takeaway plate of food inside the pocket of his trousers
  • Social media users reacted to the video with amusement and shared their humorous comments

In a TikTok video shared by @josoft10, a young boy from Benin showcased his creative food storage technique.

The video captured the boy attempting to fit a takeaway plate of food inside his front trousers pocket.

Little boy caught on camera hiding food at occasionYoung boy hides food during event
Photo credit: @josoft10/TikTokSource: TikTok

Benin boy caught hiding food in his pocket keeps people in stitches

The boy’s determination and resourcefulness in finding a unique way to carry his meal added an element of humour to the situation.

To the young boy’s surprise, someone captured the comical moment on camera.

As he raised his head, he realized that his unconventional food storage method had been caught on film.

The unexpectedness of the situation added to the humour, capturing the genuine reaction of the boy.

Netizens react with hilarity to video of boy hiding food in trousers

Netizens who viewed the TikTok video couldn’t help but find the young boy’s antics amusing.

They flooded the comments section with hilarious reactions and shared their humorous comments.

@Bryan Mathias reacted:

“Who video my younger brother na me send am.”

@Gemma Lonsdale reacted:

“He wants go collect another one he no trust him friends.”

@Tik w reacted:

“Na the question is which tailor sew that pocket.”

@Angel bio said:

“The betrayal in his eyes after seeing his hommie videing him.”

@Behi commented:

“He has a pretty smile.”

@Orient said:

“See him smile, even himself dey shock.”

@Big Adesuwa reacted:

“Man must chop, I pray he becomes successful in life someday amen.”

Watch the video below:

Little boy packs food inside nylon at occasion

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a little boy has gotten people emotional with his action at a recent event.

After receiving food during the occasion, the young boy sat in a corner and transferred it to a small bag. He did this without looking around or caring what guests at the event might say about him.

Reacting to the viral video, netizens sympathised with him as they offered to help him with cash gifts. Some others said they also passed through that phase while growing up and attending events.


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