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“Sue her to court”: Teacher’s remarks on little girl’s result sheet trends



"Sue her to court": Teacher's remarks on little girl's result sheet trends
  • A teacher’s remark on a student’s examination result sheet has surprised netizens on social media
  • The teacher left a saddening comment about the little girl and her performance in the examinations
  • Netizens have shared their thoughts about the post with many tackling the teacher for the harsh comment

A trending photo of a little girl’s examination result sheet has caught the attention of netizens on Twitter.

The photo showed the girl’s grades in school including the teacher’s comments about her performance.

Teacher dragged for saying pupil doesn't behave like human beingTeacher’s remark on girl’s result
Photo credit: @ovohimself449/Twitter.
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Teacher’s remarks about little girl cause buzz online

In her remark about her pupil, the teacher noted that the little girl does not behave like a human being.

This caused a buzz online as netizens found it strange and appalling coming from a teacher.

The teacher went ahead to note that the child’s academic performance was very poor.

“She’s not behaving like human being. Very poor academic performance”, the teacher said.

Netizens react to teacher’s remark about little girl

Social media users have taken turns to share their thoughts about the situation

Mama said:

“Animal dey in human form.”

Fire flies asked:

“No be vampire be that?”

Jeremiah_ commented:

“Sue that teacher to court man. That’s crazy.”

John Puff reacted:

“No worry she has been returned to the zoo for proper handling.”

Columbus 0 added:

“Do president and politicians of your country behave like human beings?”

See the post below:

Teacher’s remark on girl’s result sheet

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a little Nigerian girl has ignited the wrath of netizens after a photo of her result slip was shared online.

The little girl failed all her subjects in school, and her teacher thought it wise to clear the air on what warranted the failure. According to the teacher, the little girl was fond of playing with boys in the bush in school.

She advised the girl to get married and forget about school. The heartbreaking result slip was reposted on Instagram by @mediagist.


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