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“Solo Flight”: Man Completes Flies Plane Without Help for 1st Time, Friends Pour Water on His Head



“Solo Flight”: Man Completes Flies Plane Without Help for 1st Time, Friends Pour Water on His Head
  • A young man who completed his first solo flight rejoiced with his colleagues and friend at aviation school
  • The man was drenched in water as he sat laughing while his shirt was also torn as a mark of celebration
  • Among those who reacted to his video on TikTok were those who thought he was celebrating his birthday

A student pilot who flew his first plane without anyone coaching him was massively celebrated by his friends.

The man (@chrismikindo) sat on the floor as one of his friends poured water on his head, not minding he was still in his uniform.

Aviation school in Nigeria/Student flew plane.The man’s friend poured water on him.
Photo source: @chrismikindoSource: TikTok

He smiled in joy during the celebration. The shoulder parts of his white shirt were also torn as a mark of progress in his aviation studies.

Many people who reacted to his video understood that he was celebrated for completing his first solo flight.

Watch his video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Riggan said:

“I guess he made what they call solo flight am I ryt?”

Koketso Mogotlane said:

“Those don’t have a clue about Solo Flight please let’s gather here, and someone who knows will explain to us.”

MillyScentGee said:

“Congratulations on your first solo flight.”

jessymcanthony said:

“Congrats on your 1st solo flight.”

.vic91 said:

“Having friends who can celebrate your success is rare… congratulations….May God always protect you.”

nakayembapauline joked:

“Is this the reason to why i missed my fright anyway congratulations be.”

stevehitech said:

“Pipo are tearing ur shirt and u are laughing.”

jamm said:

“Welcome to the big boys club.”

Carol Gati Mwita asked:

“How did you go back home.”

Kid reacted during first flight

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a Nigerian mother, @precious_959, surprised her daughter with her first flight. She gave the kid an opportunity to travel by air.

While they were on the aeroplane in a video, the kid looked out the window to see how far they were from the ground. She looked scared after some seconds.


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