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“Social Media VS Reality”: Lady Exposes Her Real Face, Shows Tribal Marks After Posting Edited Photo



"Social Media VS Reality": Lady Exposes Her Real Face, Shows Tribal Marks After Posting Edited Photo
  • Over 3 million TikTok users viewed the video of a lady who showed people her real face without social media filters
  • The first photo shown by the lady portrayed her as a beautiful damsel with a smooth face devoid of spots and wrinkles
  • But the video that followed the edited one showed her real face, indicating that she has tribal marks and is not as cute as portrayed

A TikTok lady went viral on the platform after exposing her real face without using filters.

The lady, Ayetitihair, first showed her followers an edited photo that looked so cute and highly attractive.

Lady shows what she looks like in real life and social media.The lady looks cute in edited photos. Photo credit: TikTok/@ayett60.Source: TikTok

In the edited photo, the lady looked spotless as her face sparkled like that of a damsel.

The cute photo soon gave way to a video scene which shows what she looks like in real life.

The video shows that she has tribal marks and that her dentition is not as cute as it appeared in the edited photo.

Her followers marvelled at the two contrasting appearances, and some said social media can be very deceptive.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady shares edited photo on TikTok

@joy said:

“E no go better for photolab I swear. Wetin be dis?”

@chiluvedigbue said:

“Thank God for photo lab.”

@mackiebetsy said:

“If beauty was a crime then your innocent.”


“You are beautiful and unique. Once money come, you will look better than all these people laughing at you. I love you.”

@Top-Total said:

“You are beautiful and wonderfully created.”

@princess said:

“You are beautiful my dear. Everyone should be proud of what you have.”

@Mariyah commented:

“What I order what I got.”

@Neema Dira said:

“What a beautiful human being.”

@Cathyn40 said:

“Still beautiful sweetheart.”

@Queendee reacted:

“I love her facial expressions.”

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