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“So nosy”: Mum shares funny video of baby who’s always peeping at her



"So nosy": Mum shares funny video of baby who's always peeping at her
  • A video shows the adorable attempts of a 15-month-old baby to pry into her mother’s phone at home
  • Netizens have reacted massively to the video, highlighting that babies are naturally inquisitive
  • Some others in the comments shared stories of how nosy their babies and grandbabies are

In a heartwarming TikTok video, @ashleyalise documented her 15-month-old baby’s relentless efforts to uncover the secrets hidden within her phone.

The baby, undeterred by her mom’s attempts to block her view, persistently used her head to explore the intriguing device.

Funny mum exposes her nosy baby peeping into her phoneMum shares funny video of her nosy baby
Photo credit: @ashleyalise/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Video of baby peeping at mum’s phone causes buzz

The video has garnered significant attention from netizens who flooded the comments section with their experiences and observations.

Many users have pointed out that babies are naturally inquisitive about the world around them.

They find joy in exploring and discovering new things, even if it means trying to pry into their parents’ phones.

Reactions trail video of nosy baby

Netizens have taken turns to share their views in the comments section of the hilarious video.

@Nat Muñoz reacted:

“Even funnier when you realize the baby is in a sitting position.”

@Yari said:

“I’ll never forget someone said “babies stare a lot for people who can’t fight.’”

@AshelyRN reacted:

“That’s how my grandad be he doesn’t care if someone shooting he going to see.”

@Shannaes Bling and Things LLC said:

“My granddaughter is like this. She had her whole face in one of my bags trying to see in there.”

@Ma’Keria Brown said:

“Ain’t no reason to be that nosey so young.”

@Dior commented:

“Now that’s just Nosey.”

@itztreee said:

“She said what we looking at Mama.”

@curb_ur_criticism reacted:

“Baby was like “we on live?’

@ELinda A said:

“Because girl move out the way.”

Watch the video below:

Kids emotional as they meet sister for the first time

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that two boys lost hold of their emotions after their mother brought their new born baby sister home. A video posted on TikTok by Mrs Granby, the boys’ mother showed how they reacted emotionally after seeing the new born baby girl.

The younger boy was the first to start crying as he became visibly emotional and unable to control his joy. The two boys were not even able to touch the baby yet, but they felt so conected to her that their joy knew no bounds. It was their mother who kept encouraging them to touch and hold the baby.

She informed them that she is their baby sister but they continued to feel very emotional and unable to put themselves together. The video is so emotional and this has made it to go viral on TikTok where it has received as much as 219.9k likes by the evening of December 22.


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