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“So bad”: Nigerian lady drops negative review of friend’s ice cream on Facebook



"So bad": Nigerian lady drops negative review of friend's ice cream on Facebook
  • Mixed reactions have trailed a Nigerian lady’s negative review of her friend’s ice cream which she shared on Facebook
  • According to the lady, her friend wants to venture into the ice cream business and gave her a plate for tasting
  • She publicly asked for help on how to tell her friend that her effort was not good enough without hurting her feelings

A Nigerian lady, Ngozi Lovelyn, took to Facebook to give a negative review of her friend’s ice cream.

Sharing a picture of the ice cream, Ngozi explained that she blocked her friend on Facebook before giving her review online.

Nigerian lady, Ngozi Lovelyn, ice cream, negative bad reviewIllustrative image of a stunned woman looking at her phone.
Photo Credit: Westend61, Facebook/Ngozi Lovelyn Simple LifestyleSource: Getty Images

According to Ngozi, her friend is considering going into ice cream selling and gave her a plate for tasting.

She begged for help on how to inform her friend that the ice cream was not good and not hurt her feelings in the process.

She said she was pouring it away when she took the picture, adding that the texture was so bad that her son could not swallow it. Ngozi wrote:

“My friend made this ice-cream. She wants to start the business. She gave me a plate for tasting. How do I tell her the ice cream is tasting like pap they added too much sugar without hurting her feelings?

“I was pouring it away before I decided to snap it.

“The texture is so bad. My boy couldn’t even swallow it down. I had to block her before making this post.”

Netizens criticised Ngozi for giving a public negative review of her friend’s effort.

Reactions trail Ngozi Lovelyn’s negative review of her friend’s ice cream

Cynthia Moon Page said:

“Tell her the truth. And encourage her more. She trusted you that’s why she allowed you to rate and give her your honest review.”

Favour Ugochukwu Ibe-Ikoro said:

“Give her ur honest review now… She being your friend is even the more reason why you suppose tell her the truth.”

Kaylan Kay said:

“If you a real friend you would of told her and not us. I have a business I always want the truth good, bad or ugly. That’s all a part of business being able to accept criticism.”

Ogo Chukwu said:

“If she is truly your friend and you are a good person, you wouldn’t have brought it here to drop your review. What happened to calling her and telling her what and how to go about it?”

Sisi Wonu said:

“She wanted ur honest review that is why she gave you to taste. It’s left for you to put it a proper way. Like praise her firstly then say the error kindly, i think you need to reduce the sugar not everybody likes sugar, i think it needs more whisking. Help her google search some better ways if u have ideas too, and table it to her, afterwards let her also know how great she will sell when she gets jt right.”

Stella Anderson Adaeze said:

“There is constructive criticism. U can share ur thoughts abt d ice-cream without hurting her feelings. I’m sure she will get d message with an appreciative hrt.

“Friendship isn’t one sided alone. If we can’t freely tell each oda d truth, den we are nt frnds.”

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Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a lady was arrested over her ‘bad’ review of a company’s tomato product.

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