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Smart Lady Secretly Leaves Phone on Recording While Visiting In-laws, Pretends to Use Toilet



Smart Lady Secretly Leaves Phone on Recording While Visiting In-laws, Pretends to Use Toilet
  • A woman’s advice on social media about recording conversations with in-laws has ignited a heated debate online
  • While some netizens expressed concerns about privacy and trust, others shared stories of how they used similar tactics to protect their family’s interests
  • A lady also narrated how using the technique made her understand that her man’s family did not mean well to her

A woman caused controversy online after advising ladies to put their phones on recording when visiting in-laws.

She suggested that when visiting in-laws, one should pretend to use the toilet and leave their phone recording on the table.

Lady puts phone on recording while visiting in-lawsLady puts phone on recording while visiting in-laws
Photo credit: Daniel Tardif, Anchiy/ Getty Images.
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The intention behind this advice was to capture conversations and potentially gather evidence.

She wrote;

“When you visit your inlaws, pretend to have gone to the toilet and leave your phone on the table and recording. Thank me later.”

Lady finds out her man’s family only wanted her money

Reacting to this, a lady recounted how she played the same trick and discovered that her man and his family plotted to use her because she was rich.

“I even heard my boyfriend saying he’s in it because of the money alone”, the lady sadly said.

Woman discovers dad’s family plotted to kick her out during funeral

Another woman recounted how she discreetly recorded conversations during her mother’s funeral, suspecting that her dad’s family was planning to take advantage of the situation.

When the time was right, she played the recording on a Bluetooth speaker, revealing the true intentions of their relatives.

In her words;

“I did that 2 my dad’s family at my mom’s funeral, they were planning 2 kick us out after de funeral & i played de recording on a Bluetooth speaker.”

Reactions trail video on TikTok

The online discussion has highlighted the differing perspectives on privacy, trust, and the boundaries of familial relationships in the digital age.

@V_pretzy reacted:

“Before you do this please make sure your BP levels are ok.”

@juliet.chilaka.jc reacted:

“I don’t need a recorder I have the HOLY SPIRIT, He will gist me and tell me every single thing that was said and by who it was said, and their future plans. Who recorder help?”

@bolaji_m2 commented:

“If you too get sense you go always end up alone! Marriage is not for wise people, the earlier you know the better for you.”

@nelly_cynthia_xoxo said:

“That was how my ex roommate planned to poison me. She is yoruba and im igbo. She was on call planning the deed with someone. I left my phone on voice record and left the room so she can be free to say whatever. I took the record to a random voruba man to interpret. I immediately went bk home, packed my stuffs and left the house immediately.”

@rguyton36 reacted:

“I was always told. What people say behind your back ain’t your business. Let them talk!”

@oghene_kk said:

“I do this almost everytime, drop my phone and use my airpod to listen to what they say, I dey sha hear things then act like nothing.”

@psmqidlana said:

“It’s against the law to record ppl without their consent. This is so manipulative, just don’t be around pol that vou don’t have a healthy relationship with. If it’s family, love them from a distance.”

Watch the video below:

Lady tackles mother-in-law over poor cooking

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a young Nigerian lady @mumryan23 has shared a short video capturing the moment she commented on her mother-in-law’s soup.

Facing the woman, the lady told her that the soup she cooked was not sweet. The woman was surprised. She begged the lady to manage it because they were succulent pieces of meat and fish in the soup. Despite the lady saying the soup tasted like it had too much salt, the woman only had a smiling face.

The lady funnily wondered how her husband had been eating her food. Many who watched their video were amazed by the relationship both women have.


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