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“She’s Trying to Distract Her”: Funny Little Girl Tricks Mother to Escape Bedtime, Video Trends



"She's Trying to Distract Her": Funny Little Girl Tricks Mother to Escape Bedtime, Video Trends
  • A young mother has shared a hilarious video of her little daughter trying so hard to escape bedtime
  • In the video, the little girl sneakingly tried to hide from her mother but when she was caught, she tried another method
  • Social media users who watched the video found the girl’s action hilarious and they stormed the comments section

A cute little girl has kept netizens in stitches with her hilarious actions during bedtime.

The smart child wasn’t ready to go to bed so she devised different means to distract her mother from making that happen.

Mum shares video of her little daughter trying to escape bedtimeMum shares video of her little daughter during bedtime
Photo credit: @prettyrolo/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Little girl attempts to trick mum during bedtime

In the hilarious video, the smart child first tried to hide her face from her mother but she was caught.

She subsequently tried making funny faces at her mother attempting to distract her from sending her to bed but her mother insisted.

Refusing to give up, the little girl proceeded to verbally appeal to her mother to allow her to stay up, a request which was not granted.

Reactions as little girl tries to deceive mum during bedtime

Social media users have taken turns to share their thoughts in the comments section.

@y.annah_ said:

“This is why I can’t have kids cos we would’ve been watching tv and eating snacks. LMAOOOOO.”

@hopemkctf7i asked:

“Can I please get 360 of her braids. I think I found my next hairstyle inspo.”

@beckytshhims reacted:

“She said good morning so mama you might just be in a different time zone.”

@sophoniezephirin said:

“The way she would run over me completely and in the morning when she’s cranky id be mad at myself for caving.”

@marlonrandolph1 added:

“She is like my little grandson! Every time it’s bedtime he got a excuse! It’s pa, pa this and pa, pa that!”

Watch the video below:

Little girl’s birthday outfit causes frenzy

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that when it comes to fashion and style, there are some mothers who get their children slaying and from a young age too.

However, debate about what kinds of dressing is appropriate for a child continues to be a constant, especially on social media. The video first sees the girl rocking a lace frontal wig, and in a white dress featuring off-shoulder sleeves with a tulle flounce making the lower part of the dress.

She also appears to be wearing makeup. Other montages that follow show the girl in different stylish garb popular among adult women.


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