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“She’s so shy”: Video of bride’s behaviour while groom danced surprises people



"She's so shy": Video of bride's behaviour while groom danced surprises people
  • Mixed reactions have trailed a Nigerian bride’s behaviour during a dance moment with her Hausa groom
  • While her happy groom showcased infectious dance steps, the bride stood still and watched him shyly
  • Many people who watched the video loved how the groom danced, while some made jokes about the bride’s behaviour

A wedding video of a Nigerian bride standing still and watching while her groom danced happily has caused a commotion online.

A TikToker who shared the clip marvelled at how shy the bride looked and joked about the groom’s vibrant dance.

Shy bride, Hausa, groom dancedThe bride was so shy.
Photo Credit: @donjerry0001Source: TikTok

Like a professional dancer, the groom displayed eye-catching steps in the video as he danced happily while guests watched them.

His bride stood at one side and watched him. The lady appeared to be shy, while the Hausa groom stole the show.

The video has amassed 1.8 million views as people hailed the groom’s performance. Some wondered why the bride behaved the way she did.

Watch the video below:

People shared their thoughts on the wedding clip

Samiratu said:

“I will definitely have a discussion about this with my husband because I don’t want this to happen to me.”

Bibi_couture_kids said:

“Them no born the wife well to dance anyhow. Na north she dey o!”

Mai gadon zinari said:

“Allow him to dance oo that kind joy I finally have a wife.. his out of gauro members.”

Ayevbosa Ann said:

“I thought the bride was among d guest, why is she staring at him like that???mtweeee.”

Àkànké said:

“The guy be like “I go take your eye see sege tonight.”

zeejay said:

“She dey form shy until they reach the other room.”

Post Malone said:

“Who know maybe the girl never ready for marriage then force her… I come in peace.”

Joycee said:

“Hausa guys are so cute. As a Yoruba lady, I will love to marry educated Hausa.”

Groom dances crazily on wedding day

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported how a groom danced crazily before guests on his wedding day.

In a trending video, a groom decided to be the best dancer at his wedding, but online judges highly debated his dance move.

The groom got tired of the slow matching dance and decided to take things to the next level. Seeing that his white jacket for the wedding would be a hindrance, he took it off and gave it to someone to hold for him.


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