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“She is Beautiful”: Video of Old Woman Applying Make-up and Admiring Herself Goes Viral, Young Folks React



TikTok users are reacting to a video of an old woman who was using lipstick and admiring herself in a mirror.

The lovely old woman was seen making up in a video posted by a user identified as Destiny.

She carefully applied the lipstick on her lips but after reviewing it in the mirror, she let out a beautiful smile.

After watching herself in the mirror, it appears she remembered her youthful days and how glowing she use to be as compared to now.

Video of an old woman applying make up sparks reactions

Also, her smiles in the video seems to have reminded young people that they will not remain young forever.

Young folks who have come across the video took to the comment section to say how beautiful the woman is despite her old age.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@user3978841888959 said:

“Lesson learned.”

@user6128309295363 commented:

“The spirit is willing but the flesh.”

@Laila said:

“Heart is young.”

@[email protected] said:

“In Uganda, I don’t know how to explain.”

@maryan reacted:

“Beautiful grand ma.” said:

“That’s where we are going ba pipo. Let’s respect age.”

@user9021126715884 commented:

“Queen of the queens.”