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See Swag: Elderly Couple Stun Netizens With Their Dance Moves [Watch]



An older couple has become an internet sensation following their performance at a recent event.

The adorable couple stormed the stage to the delight of everyone present and showcased epic dance moves.

Netizens were impressed with the video as it confirmed the bond and love which the duo have shared ever since they got hitched.

A viewer @chee_ said the heartwarming video reminded her that the world ‘should be full of joy, laughter and love’.

Social media reactions

Gerflorflooringsofl said:

“They got the soul that doesn’t go away no matter how old you are.”

Ladylowman wrote:

“You know the police were called for a noise complaint and stayed for the whole thing.”

Amy.e.little stated:

“Why isn’t every eye in there on them?”

Teylarose1220 stated:

“Oh man I would’ve love to see them on the dance floor in their younger days. Bet they owned it back then.”

Les_vide_greniers reacted:

“Seeing this has made my life much more complete!”

Webtoon.ros said:

“This couple went on America’s Got Talent!”

Funmikeh added:

“Welp! You can tell these two rocked their prime years.”

Peg.sadie acted:

“Amazing. Couple goals. Being passionate about something together keeps you connected and young at heart.”

Susanw.hall said:

“Nothing tops their first or most popular viral video. It was fire.”

Chachilucita added:

“They are my kind if people! Bravo.”

Watch the video below:

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