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“See as Them Fling Human Being”: Kizz Daniel and Macho Bouncer’s Look-alike Imitate Them in Video



"See as Them Fling Human Being": Kizz Daniel and Macho Bouncer's Look-alike Imitate Them in Video
  • A Nigerian man caused a stir on social media with his striking resemblance to popular Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel
  • Netizens couldn’t help but draw comparisons and playfully referred to him as “low-budget Kizz Daniel”
  • In the video, he imitated the singer and his macho bodyguard, Kelvin, walking exactly like them

A TikTok user, @kizzdanieltwin, has gained attention for his remarkable resemblance to Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel.

The TikToker’s video, imitating the singer and his bodyguard, sparked reactions on social media.

2 men imitate Kizz Daniel and bouncer2 men imitate Kizz Daniel and bouncer
Photo credit: @kizzdanieltwin/TikTok.Source: TikTok

He captioned the video:

“Kizz Daniel and his bodyguard going to nowhere.”

Video of man imitating Kizz Daniel and bouncer causes buzz

The man humorously portrayed the singer and his bodyguard during one of their outings to a show.

The video showcased his full attention to detail, capturing Kizz Daniel’s style and mannerisms with his bouncer.

Netizens’ playful comparisons to Kizz Daniel and look-alike

Netizens reacted in the comments section, playfully referring to Kizzdanieltwin as “low-budget Kizz Daniel.”

The resemblance between the TikTok user and the popular singer sparked comparisons and lighthearted banter on social media.

@Yma Johnson607 reacted:

“Kiss Daniel and his bouncer mind must touch ground.”

@yong alhaji ysf reacted:

“Oo this guy resemble kizz daniel like mad.”

@jujipriest said:

“Very perfect acting.”

@isibe wrote:

“Lol see as them fling human being like toy.”

@wisdomcharles863 reacted:

“This guy too resemble kizz Daniel like mad.”

@Mr Jay said:

“Low budget kizz Daniel.”

@Belinda reacted:

“Who else thought it’s kiss Daniel.”

@moyinoluwa reacted:

“You resemble kizz Daniel but why you con wear Ankara.”

@wills 884o reacted:

“This guy resemble kizz Daniel throwback.”

Watch the video below:

Sabinus calls lookalike to take photos with him

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a viral video shows the moment comedian Sabinus spoke to his look-alike at an event. Recall, Sabinus and his look-alike, Mr Cultivator made headlines hours ago after they met each other at an event.

However, some netizens claimed that Sabinus ignored the young man and they dragged him for not recognizing his efforts. A recent video shared by Sabinus on Instagram has debunked such speculations as the duo smiled with each other and even took photos.

Mr Cultivator while standing with Sabinus was facing another direction when Sabinus beckoned on him to face the camera. Sharing the video via Instagram, Sabinus hinted to fans in his caption that they met at Owerri, and he truly had an exciting time.


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