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“Sam Larry”: Bottle flip to get Mohbad’s killers gives stunning outcome in video



"Sam Larry": Bottle flip to get Mohbad's killers gives stunning outcome in video
  • A Nigerian man has caused a stir after sharing the outcome of a bottle flip he did to ascertain Mohbad’s killer
  • For three consecutive times, he flipped the bottle as he mentioned names of some people suspected by the public to be behind Mohbad’s death
  • Quite to netizens’ surprise, the bottle flipped to an upright position when Sam Larry’s name was mentioned

A Nigerian youth, @emmycee4195, has declared Naira Marley’s associate, Sam Larry, a suspect after doing a bottle flip to ascertain Mohbad’s killer.

In a video shared on TikTok, @emmycee4195 showed how he flipped a half-filled bottle while mentioning names of suspects.

Mohbad's latest news, Sam Larry update, bottle flipThe bottle stood when Sam Larry’s name was mentioned.
Photo Credit: @emmycee4195, Premium TimesSource: TikTok

When he mentioned Mohbad’s father, Zlatan and Bella Shmurda while flipping the bottle, it did not stand upright. Even when Naira Marley’s name was mentioned, the bottle fell.

However, when he mentioned Sam Larry’s name, the bottle surprisingly staggered and then remained upright.

According to the TikToker, he had flipped the bottle three consecutive times and got the same result.

Watch the video below:

Netizens bicker over the bottle flip for Mohbad’s killers

DeCinema Girl said:

“This isn’t cruise this is a sign!!!! His spirit is walking around #justiceformohbad.”


“That bottle was suppose to fall….but how come e gather stamina stand still despite e shake.”

Sweet_Cynthia001 said:

”Naira Marley own sef , e be like e no fall complete….so na Sam Larry and naira Marley.”


“Una don dey turn this thing to another thing ohh…

“Wetin bi bottle flip for this matter way dey ground….GOD ABEG.”

Gavifunny4000$ said:

“Bros Abeg these matter no be games to us.. before u go collect.”

its_sevic said:

“That last one for Sam Larry hits hard .it supposed to fall but bounce back. this is no ordinary to me hmmm.”

AyishaDelali said:

“Since Mohbad died I swear joy no dey for my body inside but this video.”

Sam Larry deactivates Instagram page

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that Sam Larry had deactivated his Instagram page amid backlash.

THETALK.NG had earlier reported about a video that resurfaced on social media showing the moment Sam Larry stormed the set of a video shoot Mohbad was on to attack him.

Sam Larry, who is Naira Marley’s friend and associate, was soon attacked by many Nigerians who stormed his Instagram page, leading to the socialite restricting his comment section.

However, that did not seem enough to stop the trolls, and Sam Larry further deactivated his social media page.


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