Roxstar pops Louis Cup marathon from start to finish

Oliver Gray’s Roxstar (James Muhindi – who tallied a hat-trick), wanted to exhibit how the 2,800m Louis Cup, should be negotiated, flawlessly from ahead. Chipping pursued quietly, but could not dim Roxstar’s dynamism.

Miss Zuri and Jordan River were always in contention, until fizzling away under pressure.

Tom Tom Fraser was unable to attend this meeting, so Duncan Scott very kindly reigned supreme as course commentator.

Clap hands for David Miri, commendably controlling Camberley, as he abruptly turned left exiting the starting gate. This occurred during the Nakuru Champion Stakes at Ngong, on Sunday.

At least Camberley joined in to eventually place fourth. Grand Surabi parked himself behind throughout. Wimborne regulated a healthy stride from Rahul and Westwood Star.

An unperturbed Lesley Sercombe simply observed calmly on Lady Spencer’s, Saint Moritz, advancing gradually towards an open-arms winning post. A classic couch-chair passage.

1.15 pm – First Race – Phantom Gold Handicap (1,200m)

1. Go Pro (James Muhindi)

2. Peligroso (Ramazan Wako)

3. Tenacious (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: 9/1.4/14.5. Time: 1:15:1/10 secs. Favourite: Tenacious 7-4. Runners: 5

Owned by Joe Muya and O. Lyubimova. Trainer Joe Muya

1.50 pm – Second Race – The Cambric Cup Vicky Jackman Memorial (1,200m)

1. Ameerah (James Muhindi) Westonian-Grapevine

2. Pitch (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: 1.5/2./10. Time: 1:14:6/10 secs. Favourite: Pitch 9-4. Runners: 6

Owned by F. Zaid. Trainer Joe Karari

2.25 pm – Third Race – The Louis Cup (2,800m)

1. Roxstar (James Muhindi) Westonian-Roxanne

3. Jordan River (Peter Kinuthia)

4. Miss Zuri (Daniel Tanui)

Distance: 9.5/1.5/6.5. Time: 3:13:7/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 9-4. Runners: 5

Owned by Doctor B. Dunbar. Trainer Oliver Gray

3.00 pm – Fourth Race – Accorn Maiden (1,600m)

2. Russian Wonder (Patrick Mungai)

Distance: 4.5/1.5/0.75. Time: 1:41:6/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific Runners: 6

Owned by The Hoof Hearted Syndicate. Trainer Tony Kuria

3.35 pm – Fifth Race – The Spanish Cup (1,600m)

1. Pat-See (Lesley Secombe)Westonian-Needsumluck

2. Deodoro (James Muhindi)

3. Kenyan Queen (Joseph Mutevu)

4. Steel Drum (Richard Kibet)

Distance: 7/1/4.4 Time: 2:45:5/0 secs. Favourite: Winner 4-5. Runners: 4

Owned by Jason Boorman. Trainer Doctor Patsy Serco

4.10 pm – Sixth Race – The Nakuru Champion Stakes (1,400m)

1. Saint Moritz (Lesley Sercombe) What a Winter-Advance Warning

2. Wimborne Richard Kibet)

3. Rahal (Patrick Mungai)

4. Camberley (David Miri)

Distance: 1.5/6/0.75. Time: 1:28:1/10 secs. Favourites: Winner and Rahal. Runners: 6

Owned by Lady Spencer. Trainer Doctor Patsy Sercombe

Next Meeting July 10 – for the Steward’s Cup, Prince of Wales Trophy, Drap D’or, Graham Trophy, and, Johnson (formerly Police Cup)

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