Queen Elizabeth became queen at 25, Checkout more history about her you might not know

Many know her as Queen Elizabeth II but her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. The queen who died on Thursday, September 8, was born in 1926, Britannica reports.

When she was young

The daughter of Prince Albert who was the duke of New York, the late queen was born to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. As a child, the prospect of getting to the throne was slim. This was because she was the daughter of the youngest child of King George V.

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Everything started looking to favour Elizabeth’s ascension when her uncle, Edward VIII renounced the throne and Elizabeth’s father became king, making her an heir.

When World War II broke, the queen and her sister, Princess Margaret Rose, spent their time away from their London as they stayed both at Balmoral Castile in Scotland and the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

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As she became older, Biography.com said that she started making more public appearances. The source said:

“In 1945, Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service to help in the war effort. She trained side-by-side with other British women to be an expert driver and mechanic. While her volunteer work only lasted a few months, it offered Elizabeth a glimpse into a different, non-royal world….”

Her reign and family

Leadership reports that the queen led the royal family through very difficult times as she interacted with many leaders of different countries.

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A historian, Elizabeth, had this to say about the late queen:

“She always put duty first, long after others of her generation had retired. When she became queen, people anticipated a new Elizabethan Age of peace and prosperity. Such optimism was justified…”

The queen was married to Prince Phillip when she was in 21 and the marriage lasted for over seven decades till he died in April 2021.

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It should be noted that the queen became a queen when she was at the young age of 25 after her father died at the of 56.

The two lovers met when the queen was just 13 years old. While the queen was a bit reserved, the reverse was her husband’s.

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During her reign, she became the first British monarch to visit Germany in 50 years. Between 1950s and 1960s, most of the colonised nations under Britain achieved independence and formed into what is known as Commonwealth of Nations.


Her reign was not without scandals. According to the same Biography.com, the death of Diana, the woman married to her son, Charles, got the dynasty public scrutiny. Before Princess Diana’s death, relationship between her and the monarchy was already tense.

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In 1992, Prince Andrew, another of her sons, also became the subject of scandal as his wife (now divorced) was caught in an romantic position with another man. One of the queen’s hobbies is watching horse racing.

Source: Legit.ng

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