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“Protect That Man with Your Life”: Dad Goes Above and Beyond to Give Daughter a Car on 18th Birthday



"Protect That Man with Your Life": Dad Goes Above and Beyond to Give Daughter a Car on 18th Birthday
  • A girl has shared a heartwarming video of her father surprising her with a car on her 18th birthday
  • Netizens expressed a mix of envy and gratitude, with some calling on their dads to step up their game
  • However, others in the comments section appreciated the little things their fathers have ever done for them

In an emotional TikTok video, @pink__ferrari captured the touching moment her father surprised her with a car on her 18th birthday.

The joy and excitement on her face was evident as she received this incredible gift from her dad.

Dad surprises daughter with car on her 18th birthdayDad surprises daughter with car
Photo credit: @pink_ferrari/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Girl over the moon as dad gifts her car on birthday

An emotional video showed the 18-year-old girl displaying a great aura of happiness as she hugged her father for the gift.

Sharing the video via her official TikTok account, she wrote;

“My dad surprising me with my car for my 18th birthday.”

Netizens react to 18-year-old girl’s car gift with envy and gratitude

The comments section of the video was filled with a range of reactions from netizens.

Some expressed envy, playfully calling on their fathers to take note of what other dads are doing.

Others, however, expressed gratitude for the little things their fathers have done, acknowledging that not everyone can afford such extravagant gifts.

@Rejoice commented;

“Sometimes I wish I was a planned child. This is so beautiful.”

@your#1armymoot said:

“So many people in this comment section need to understand that most of your dads would if they could, and you should appreciate that.”

@Peach said:

“Mine didn’t even remember my birthday lol.”

@Irene commented:

“If my dad had money, I know he would. Otherwise I’m grateful for all he was able to do for me.”

@Kenewang reacted:

“I’m turning 19 today, I shouldn’t be seeing this, My parents are the best though.”

@Mbike said:

“Sending this to my dad to show him what his mates are doing for their kids.”

@Lilith said:

“Protect that man with your life cause mine forgets it’s my birthday until the evening.”

@Hamnipati commented:

“My dad should see what other dads are doing.”

@Pretty reacted:

“I didn’t even get a cake for my 18th birthday.”

Watch the video below:

Man into Forex buys brand new car for mum

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a young Nigerian man, HabbyFX, who made millions from Forex, has surprised his mother with a car for her birthday.

He had the new car covered as the woman and other family members surrounded it in anticipation. As the mother opened the veil and saw the car, she was surprised by the thoughtful birthday gift.

Red balloons were all over the car seats as the child (@habbyfx) and other people celebrated the happy moment.


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